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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Femininity Part 1 Copied


Part 1 Copied

Part 2 My Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother

Part 3 Cooking

4 Nurture

5 Feminine Mystique

Feminity had been given a positive connotation specifically in the media.

In my culture, I am biologically female - having the female organ. I believed I have to do what other females do, so I took on the female role.

I have seen that my mom is a female taking on a feminine  role in our family, so I did what she did. I copied what I saw her do without questioning why I was doing so. I noticed it was being done by women in our community.  so I also took on feminine roles like cooking, cleaning, etc . This was an automated behavior that I learned from our culture.

When I saw her cooking for the family, I believed I had to do that too. When i got married, I saw myself also cooking for my family.

I was a feminine nurturing my kids and ex-husband and that made what I did valuable in my mind.

I did not look at what food is all about and what cooking is all about. I did not ask myself what role I played in all these. I forgot to look at how food affects each one of us in many different ways knowing we have different sets of DNA's.

When I saw my mom wearing dresses and feminine slacks, I believed that wearing fashionable clothes were part of the feminine expression. I believed that to be valued in our community, I had to wear fashionable clothes too. This decision was of course directed by the media through advertising and marketing which I allowed to influence me. I did not realize that I was becoming part of a social design that I had accepted and allowed.

I saw my grandmother wear clothes that had colorful prints and patterns. I figured this was the way feminine personalities dress up in our community. So, I started wearing clothes that  were acceptable to the majority within the feminine design.

But is this really what femininity mean?

Of course not - No.

This is not as simple as it may look. This has a history behind it.

I will continue in the next blog.

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