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Friday, October 23, 2015

Money, Femininity Masculinity, Lapdance and Strip Clubs

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I was raised in a catholic household. We were taught how to behave as a woman.

What does that mean? 
What makes me a woman?

According to the dictionary, a woman is someone who produces eggs
and gives birth.

What if the woman had some sickness that made her incapable of producing eggs and giving birth to babies?  Does the woman stop being a woman? 

That definition is limited.
We have to expand this definition so women see themselves as who they really are and expand to their utmost potential. 

A limited definition leads to a limited seeing of oneself.

Let''s look at strip clubs here.

In the strip club women presents themselves with less clothes than normal to the point of getting naked from the waist up (sometimes totally). That body is made from the dust of the earth and it is being used for the purpose of exchanging money with men for entertainment purposes. An example of this is doing a  lap dance  for the males - the result of which is arousal for one or both. 

Even women go to the strip clubs to watch other naked women and they even give them money  
or insert money in their g-strings. The music plus the view of naked bodies entertain both men and women. This is now normal for most and 'bad' to some but it is not really 'bad or good'. This is a problem that comes up when we see things as how they are advertised by the media. 


Come and watch 'Bancy' (pseudo name) pole dancing in this Strip club (blah) dropping down from 20-30  ft. from the top - for example.

This creates pictures in our mind - of Demi Moore for example, in one of her movies.

So the entertainment happens in our mind but in reality, these women are trying to earn money to survive. The men and women who comes to the club to be entertained willing to give money in exchange for what will entertain them because they spent their time working all week and in the weekends, they want to be entertained in the strip club. 

This is all about money.  

There is a categorization here. 
The men pays (sometimes women pay to watch too) while the women gyrates to the music. In gay clubs, this can happen too. 
There are roles being played here by both men and women.

We assign values to the men and women stripping depending on our mind 'likes and dislikes' that is either more or less than who they really are. The values are normally based on how they see the structure of their bodies compared to someone or something else. It is never about their true value as a human.

Let's open this up

 The essential value of each of them is being missed.

The women's body is made from the dust of the earth
Money is made from plants which come from the earth
The male's body is made from the dust of the earth.

The muscle that gets aroused is part of the body of the males and females that comes from the dust of the earth.

The value of each of them is =  to the dust of the earth, which is therefore = to life.

So, we have to restore the value we give each of us which gets devalued inside the strip club. Given music and movement, we become mesmerized that we forget the real value of each of us - that our real value = life.

Let's create a scenario here:
All of us receiving the amount of money each month that is enough to guarantee our survival plus extra money if we work. Let's say this money will be financed by a body (can be cfor example, corporations who profit from the earth's resources like water which belongs to all of us)

Will women and men stripfor money?
I do not see that happening.

What i see are men and women who dance to express themselves within movement for ones own enjoyment of oneself.

This is what changing the money system on earth will do.

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