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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Saturday, August 20, 2016


The Smell Of The Earth

The story of
the earth child
who lives on
the face of the earth

feet grounded on the dust
body sleeping on the leaves
fallen from the ground

no home to go home to
yet the bounty of the earth
is here for all

ocean filled with life
waterfalls that drench
the ground
water that feeds the earth
plenty of food
on the table

resources abound
for all to share
not for some
but for all
to partake

bounty from the bosom
of the earth

the odor of the body
unwashed for months
smelly and dirty

the smell of the earth
expressing itself
as the homeless child of the earth

people unaware
buys perfume
to cover-up the smell 
resisting to sit beside him

fearful that we will 
see the truth
reminding us
of the homeless
hungry child of the earth

scoop some dust
from the earth
give him some food
from the earth's table

there is no heaven on earth
until we stand as the solution
to the problems we face 

give us our birthright
give a home to the 
earth child
not to smell like perfume
but as testament
that we care for the whole

the amount of water
given is enough
clean the body
as the earth

the wood given up
by the tree
so we can
all build a home

sleeping at night
when the weather
is chilly
warm soup
boiling on the stove

give the earth child a home
basic necessities available
give him work
to create the life he envisions

scoop some dust
from the earth
give him some food
from the earth table

let us all be aware
we are all here
our purpose is clear
to create heaven on earth

I am Bridging
Heaven on Earth
Are you BHOE?

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