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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, December 25, 2017

Health Care Part 1

Expanding The Word "Salad"

Health Care Part 1

We are all parts of Team Life.

Health care is not about blaming the virus and saying
"let us wage war on the virus". 

I am not saying for us to attract the virus either.

Rather than blaming the virus and saying,

"Let me become a rawfoodist so i will not get sick ever again"
"Let me become a vegetarian so i will not become sick one day"
"Let me become a vegan so i will always be free from illness"
"Let me be on the paleo diet so i wont be sick"

or try to become invincible by affirming that the virus cannot take us down, and say,

"I do not get sick - ever"
"Let me become a breatharian so i will not die without food"

Rather than have these fear-based reactions,

If our body needs care, we have to be able to get FREE HEALTH CARE - for all of us.

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