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Thursday, September 25, 2014

'Cheeseburgers are Not Supposed To Be Black'? Kuro Burger Part 2

Part 1
The Black Burger: Kuro Burger of Japan

This Blog is a continuation of Part 1

'Cheeseburgers are not supposed to be black.'

In the previous post we saw the meaning of a cheeseburger from the Word Web being,
'A hamburger with melted cheese on it'

I linked to an article about the kuro burger. It said, 'Cheeseburgers are not supposed to be black.'

What makes a cheeseburger - a cheeseburger?

As long as the meat (and vegetable) part is present, with or without the sauce, and there's cheese in it,
it can be called a cheeseburger. A cheeseburger can have anything in it that nourish the body - plus the meat patty (which can be animal or vegetable meat, raw or cooked). A Cheeseburger can have a black bun (cooked with squid ink), a black cheese (smoked in charcoal) a black sauce (with squid ink). It is black but it is essentially a cheeseburger. 

It can also have lettuce in place of the bun and it can be a cheeseburger.

So, cheeseburgers can be any color. It can be black, green, red etc. It can have any bun or bread, lettuce or raw bread - it can be round or square etc.

When we say 'cheeseburgers are not supposed to be black', we put a limit to the expression of the cheeseburger - or to its definition. Instead of the cheeseburger being prepared from the starting point of nutrition, it is being defined from a point of a 'belief' - an idea is also present of what a cheeseburger should be. When I cook it, my food preparation will be from a starting point of 'belief' rather than nutrition and nourishment - which is what food is for - a substance that nourish the body. 

The way I see this, is that the essential meaning of a cheeseburger is first and foremost - the fact that it's food, a form of nourishment for the body.

The essential meaning of the cheeseburger was lost.  Advertising is inflating the meaning of a burger by selling it as a black burger. It can easily mesmerize us. This is the business deciding that a black burger can be beneficial to its marketing campaign. This will easily attract attention. What is missing here is the correct or true starting point. This starting point can help the business but it can stimulate our fears. If we attached the color black to death, the black cheeseburger now resides in our mind as 'death burger'. The people who attached the bun that is colored black (and squid ink) to something new, something tasty and something different will see it as that. 

This will impulse our desire for anything NEW, TASTY and DIFFERENT. 

This will tell us advertising is also about words and the definition we give them.

Having a desire for new, tasty and something different can stimulate us to rush to Burger King and buy these burgers so we can taste it and tell our friends about it. Our friends can then attract other friends to buy. This is the domino effect. Ads are made to consciously or unconsciously stimulate our desire for new, tasty food - for one reason, money and profit.

Next time, we want to eat something new, tasty and different, realize that a company or business can make a product that will be sold to us to turn our desire into money and profit.

When we desire a cooked veggie burger that is made with vegetarian meat, there will be vegetarian restaurants that will buy and sell it.

In the raw vegan community, a raw vegan burger made of nuts and beets etc. is now being sold by the raw online stores and restaurants to cater to the palate of raw vegans.  

What we eat can change to align to nutrition the body needs. 

Food Items do not need to be judged. Competition between different diets  or within  the same food categories are  unnecessary.

We have to turn our attention to eating a burger that will benefit our body and give it nourishment. This can lead the way for  stopping comparison  and judgment between food items (making one more than or less than another). The food industry can also make a burger that is nutritious. This can be customized to the nutritional need of the one who will consume it.

It is us that is creating the food industry. So, let's release the blame. 

It is us that needs to take self-responsibility for what we eat. So, let's do that.

Part of the equation here is also creating a world where survival is guaranteed for all - where we all have enough money to buy food and have a product that can track the nutrition in our food - what nutrients are lacking and what we need to prepare in our next meal, so we can give the body enough nutrition the body needs to survive.


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