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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Life and Death: Part 1: Eulogy

My dad died Oct. 25, 2014.

I was asked to give a talk at my Dad's viewing ceremony, a Eulogy.

According to the Word Web, 
A Eulogy is a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently

But If I speak about praise, i will speak about my approval of him and the way he behaved.

I will end up speaking about my opinion of my father.

This means I will interpret the image I have of him in my mind and speak about that.

That is deflating him into an image that I interpret in my mind which is not even real

So, I would like to change that.

Rather than limit him by talking about an image of him - which is my idea of him in my mind,

Let me start a foundation to speak about him in such a way that I can bring out  the real person  - that is my dad,

The fact is, that my dad is a human just like you and me.

So, there is no need to inflate or deflate that fact because that is real.

The benefit of doing this, is that we will not inflate or deflate him in our minds, rather, give a real account of who he is - as a human, just like you and me that is in a way the best he/we could ever be.

Doing that, we are accepting the fact that he is a part of the whole - that is life and that we are a part of the whole - that is life,

This way, I will not misuse this opportunity to talk about him or who he is.

Let me start by writing about his family tree,

Continued in Part 2

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