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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Big Short : Film Review Rap


Big Short is a movie
about the housing market
and fraud that is based on profit

When the Housing Market booms 
or when it doesn't
we get our profit

We get a smile on our lips
winning is the illusion
eventually coming to the realization

The economy will collapse
so we will all lose
self-interest is not the key

Focusing on profit
is not the best
energy see-saw 
our body gets stressed

So we have to consider
why we do what we do
for we all will suffer

Free housing for all
is what we need

Money is not see-saw of energy
Money is about man and his expression
aligned to the expression of the earth

Realizing that the house is built 
from the trees
that come from the earth

Just as the air we breathe
bills are made of cotton
coins are metals too

Gratitude to the earth
I can see our equal value
burst the ego bubble
and reclaim our real value

Life = 1+1 =2

Big Short Plot

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