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Monday, January 25, 2016

99 Homes Movie review Rap


99 Homes is a movie 
about a man who was evicted 
from his home

So he tried to get some money
of his own
he was offered employment
by his evictor
so he worked with him

In the system of greed he falls

He evicted people
then in the end
became arrested 
to a crime he admitted

While the boss carried on
with his multi-million endeavor
profiting from people's misfortune

Let's put myself as the director
let's recreate the main character's role
after all this is a movie
that we can recreate instantly

Movies can be a tool
for change to occur that is best for all

we act out
the changes we see 
then it becomes reality

Let's give the main character
 a free home
everyone a monthly income
that they don't have to work for

plus a job in construction
for the characters
if they need more

His son investigates 
how one builds a structure
his mom expresses herself 
and does what is best for all

While the real estate mogul
forgives himself
 changes his ways
using tools that work

Living income is the key

The lesson is clear
If we abuse our share
we will all lose

See what is possible 
a movie can be a tool
when you stand 
for what is best for all


Recently unemployed single father Dennis Nash, a construction worker in Orlando, Florida, is evicted together with his mother Lynn, a hairdresser, and young son Connor from the foreclosed home they share. Callous real estate operator Rick Carver is in charge of the eviction, and police officers who provide the enforcement call him "boss." Dennis and his family move into a shabby cramped motel room. Dennis goes to Rick's office and tries to take back his tools stolen by Rick's men. Rick sees the confrontation and is impressed by Dennis' gumption. He offers Dennis work as a repairman at his properties and Dennis accepts. Dennis soon becomes Rick's assistant, helping to carry out evictions himself and set up real estate schemes that exploit government and banking rules to the disadvantage of struggling home owners. He starts accepting large payments of money (in exchange for the work he is performing for Mr. Carver) and dips into the glamorous lifestyle in which Rick indulges.
Almost as soon as he begins working for Mr. Carver, Dennis tells him to keep the cheques he offers (as payment for the work he performs for the real estate broker) in order for him to one day soon buy back the house he was evicted from by Mr. Carver but Rick tells him to keep his money for now since it is not enough anyway.
An evicted home owner living in the same motel as Dennis and his family recognizes and threatens him. Dennis reacts by making a deal with Rick to buy back his family's old house, but the legal process prevents them from moving in immediately, so he decides to get his son out of the motel room immediately by selling the family home and buying a much more luxurious home instead.
When Dennis brings his mother and son to the luxurious house and informs them he bought it and sold their old house so they could get out of the motel room immediately, his mother doesn't believe at first that he has bought the house. Then Dennis' mother is shocked by the loss of their long-time home and is repulsed as she realizes Dennis got his new-found wealth by helping him victimize honest homeowners who have financial problems. Even Dennis' son is not happy with the arrangement. Lynn and Connor leave Dennis to stay with her brother.
Rick puts together a multi-million dollar real estate deal, but it is jeopardized by a legal case brought by a home owner he is trying to evict. Dennis and the home owner were friendly acquaintances, but the man turned hostile toward Dennis when he saw him become part of Rick's eviction business. Dennis obeys Rick's order to deliver a forged document to court that defeats the home owner's legal case. When police try to evict the home owner, the distraught man fires a rifle at them. Fearing that the man, who has a wife and two children, will likely be killed in a shootout, Dennis confesses aloud at the scene to his complicity in delivering the forged paperwork. The home owner surrenders and Dennis is also arrested, but the well-connected Rick, standing in the background, is not.

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