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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Words: Giving A Name To a Business

We were choosing a name for a business in one of our groups/business undertaking and as i look at most of the suggestions, I saw that these choices were what guided me in choosing a business name in the past. When I was faced with taking on a business function, like  giving a name to my business, my choices were based from many mind factors. These choices were not really made based from what a word really is - symbols as sound equal to who i am and what i do.

When I chose a name for the latest business I have, I had a different starting point.

Although I have corrected this within that point - when I gave a name to my recent business based from how i see myself expanding in the field I am in - as who and what I am/walked, I have not really released these mind patterns through self-forgiveness or any tool like that.

I have used words in the past where my starting point is geared towards making a business that will give me money within a system that is based on exchange of goods and services that are seen as unequal in terms of value, diminishing the real value of goods and services exchanged.

I am blogging about this now to clear my starting point i-  as part of my correction, n my use of words when giving a name to a business. As i do this i am opening the way for others to apply the process shared/others that will be shared in the business field.

I can see that what I based my choices from was usually coming from my mental assessment of
the following:

1. Words and how they sound-like compared to a certain name that i associated with this word within my mind, that represents what I desire to have, in the hope of something better in the future where i defined the present as having less potential and the future having better potential.
2. Words connected to memories that are defined in a positive or a negative light in my mind due to  what I connected them to - that makes the word more or less than what they really are.
3. Words that represent the money I believe I will earn
4. Words that I believe others will respond to in my mind
5. Words that I connected to a super special word in my mind
6. Words I connected to what i desire or dislike in my mind
7. Words that i see in the internet that I connect with other words in my mind
8. Words that will imprint in people's mind
9. Words that represent my beliefs about archetypes or mythology believing that it will create a godlike impression in the mind of others
10. Words that the majority will agree to so that many will come and partake of what we sell in the business
11. Words that represent my ideas
12. Words that represent my desire for 'harmony' in my mind hoping that that will create harmony
13. Words that i believe are a synonym to the word 'extraordinary' hoping that people will have an extraordinary time and buy from my business.
14. Words that i believe are a synonym to the word 'extreme' that will catch people's attention
15. Words that I believe are synonym to the meaning of the word 'fantastic' hoping that the business will flourish and all of us involved in the business will have a fantastic time.
16. Words that i believe are synonym to the meaning of the word 'vibrant' hoping that the business will have a vibrant atmosphere.
17. Words that I believe are synonym of the word 'powerful' hoping that the business will be powerful in drawing people in.
18. Words that are synonym to the word 'strong' hoping that the business will be strong and will flourish amidst adversities
19. Words that I believe are synonym to the word 'super' hoping that the business is going to be a super business that is above others.
20. Words that are synonyms of the word 'balanced' hoping that there will be a balanced atmosphere in the business that will promote a balanced life for both owners and employees.
21. Words that are synonyms of the word 'intimate' hoping that there will be an intimacy between people who are buying and people who are working in the organization selling goods and services.
22. Words that peak people's curiosity hoping that if they will be curious enough, they will come and ask what my business is about to then draw them in to take a survey and then impose on them what I sell so that I can make money from the transaction.
23. Words that are popular in the internet believing that if they are popular, they will give me more people interested in doing business with me.

The above are statements we repeat in our mind and manifest in our living that makes life stressful in that we diminish ourselves in our endeavor to separate who we are as breath/living words to who we are as beings in a system that is enslaved by survival-based business models that does not incorporate our process But looking closely, I can see the consequence outflow of using words this way is massive in the business field - marketing and advertising specifically and this is also being taught in schools and universities.

I will expand this subject of word use in how it is being used in the business world and as I correct my use of words, I am opening the door for businesses to expand words that allow personal expansion and expanded business relationships that align to a world that is best for all - for the owners, employers and employees.

I will introduce you to tools I use for rewriting the 23 points above. I will post a link below where you can register for free and I will send you an e-mail which will give you a FREE (pdf) document/tool plus cool updates that will point you to practical self-actualization business solutions.

I will rewrite my past mind patterns when I perform the function of 'name- giver' to an organization/business and will point you to how to survive in the present business system with this new tool.  You will be pointed to solutions that present a new business model that is aligned to what i call the 'practical self-actualization business model'. It is time for us to create a new business model that supports our inherent quest for expansion in every aspect of our lives that will pave the way for
us to surviving in the current system and transitioning to a new platform - a new system in a new world - where world change is possible for real.

Link for 'D' Organization (link will be available here soon) 
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