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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life Rhymes: OCD and the SKIN

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Is a condition driven by 
emotional energy
within the mind

we are driven 
to repeat an act
to get comfort
from what we are
obsessing about

and this is present 
in everyone

We obsess about
how we look
so we put on
a nice dress

some make-up
and handbag

We perceive 
we lack something
so we judge

First ourselves
then we project
it unto others

We also have 
a compulsion
to bust the pimple

To give us comfort
because we have 
emotional turmoil

We bite our nail
when we are anxious
and we pull our hair
when we are angry
or when there's frustration

So let us equalize 
our expression
and not judge those 
diagnosed with OCD
or any obsessive compulsion

we have to release the obsession
and the compulsion

not in biting our nails
or picking on the skin
protecting us from adverse
climate condition

or pulling our hair
in frustration

But in forgiving our need 
to control
forgiving our judgments
and correcting patterns of obsession

Our environment 
impulse us 
the media full of advertising
we obsess about where to get money
to buy the next product we see

So we have to end 
this see-saw in our mind
that create a social mishap
and become the creators of our
within and without

Check out the living income 
guarantee our survival
let's provide money for all 
and a job for those needing one

A balanced money ecosystem
to stop the lack
obsession in check
our mind rest

Rewriting the pattern
so the S-nake KIN
will be my kin 
to correction

S-elf KIN (skin)
is how i see
i can live in harmony
with the word

In gratitude
I honour
the SKIN
as equal to all

OCD is here
as a tool
to develop
a real relationship
with my kin
the Skin

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