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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Saturday, October 29, 2016



sleeping at the bossom 
of the earth bed

stressed we slumber 
to the world of sleep

let’s look at the physical 
to expand the experience

falling on the bed 
we commune and rest

the being sleeping 
with the body

with the pillows
made of cotton or silk

It provides warmth 
and comfort
for the body 
and mind at rest

the bed stationary
in silence it sleeps

the blanket 
caressing the skin

as the cotton plant
interacting with 
the body at rest

working for survival
yet able to enjoy 
and commune with oneself

can be expanded
let’s be a participant 
when we sleep

station ourselves inside
our heart 
being our bed

let it sing 
the heartbeat lullaby
to rock us to sleep

forgive oneself 
before we sleep
from accepting and allowing
the separation 
from all that is here

working to survive
we think of money 
in our mind

silence your mind chatter
sleep and wake up 
to a new day

breathe in awareness
for the day is here

this is happening
at the bosom 
of the earth bed

express yourself
enjoy and create
for it is key
to creating heaven on earth

so when we sleep 
we will awaken
to a new reality that is 
best for all humanity

let's create the best life possible on earth

let's sway our hips
move our feet
wave our hands
to celebrate
the birthing of life on earth

by June Roca


Bridging Heaven on Earth

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