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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Redefining The Burger

In this Blog, I will look at the different ways of making a burger. I succeeded in making a meat burger that uses a dehydrated raw vegan bread (see the video below). I will post in blogs to come updates to this.

I am redefining food preparation,

This blog  (The Kuro Burger), talks about what a burger is,

T am questioning the meaning of a burger basically.The blog above provided insights on what a burger is - in our minds. It is not about the beef patty and the bun plus veggies and the condiments used (as food that nourish the body), but rather an image in our mind that we desire to eat or dislike to eat.. It is our idea and belief of what a 'burger' is, passed down from generation to generation. It is about eating, directed by our desire to entertain ourselves through food. 

When I was a cooked vegetarian, I equated a meat burger to disease - i avoided people who ate meat believing that they were less than Life - defining myself as more than Life - within the belief that I am sacrificing my taste buds by not eating meat. I did not realize it was my own judgment of animal meat being less than life - which is a projection of my own definition of myself - as inferior.

I believed that if my heart disease will go on for a longer time, I will die. This was the reason why I adopted the so-called 'healthy' diet, one after another.

I realized that this was unnecessary because I am the breath in this body and I can express myself here and direct my actions in every moment. I can question whatever thoughts arising in my mind and correct my living.

There is no need to fear death and disease while alive. To live as who I am is enough. No need to go inside my mind and imagine I will be going to another dimension that is more than myself - to be more or 'to desire to be healthy to be more' etc. Rather, it is to embrace the fear of being less and see that I cannot run away from it. What I resist will persist. I can redefine my definition of myself and live that.

When I was a raw foodist, I equated a meat burger to disease. I would like to investigate this further and correct myself in the way I see a burger in this blog and in the coming blogs.

This blog is my investigation of the different methods of preparing a burger. Below are some videos that I did as I prepare for myself and others.

The Story of The Burger

The Kuro Burger                       http://junejourneytolife.blogspot.com/2014/09/cheeseburgers-are-not-supposed-to-be.html

Burger Patty In A Bun with Cabbage in Mustard Dressing and Sauerkraut

 The German Burger Cooking Class 1 Video


Burger with Eggs and Bacon in a Pita Bread (and Other Creations)

2. Video: Burger Cooking Class  2

Burger Patty in a Raw Vegan Bread


Different Recipes of a Burger will be posted in blogs to come

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