Tao of Food Preparation Recipes

Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Ground Beef, Onion Pizza, Stetching the Dough, Flour and Raw and Cooked Foods


I enjoyed making this pizza.

I am so sorry that I have judged the flour when I was a raw foodist - as bad. I missed the opportunity to interact with the flour because I was in my mind trying to judge, compare etc. based on ideas about it in my mind which came from information given by others.

I want to bring the mind pattern here and look at it:

>raw food is good 
>because I can make pizza with veggies
>flour is bad for you
>It has lots of carbs
> and the gluten is heavy
>raw food makes me feel good and look good
>so raw pizza must be better than cooked pizza

I realized here that I judged the flour as bad. I forgot that the wheat plant where the flour came from is also part of the whole - that is life. In my desire to look good, feel good and have a long life, I forgot that it was because I was trying to run away from my fear of disease and death that I was running after raw food - believing it is superior than cooked food. I had the desire to have a long life and I saw the raw pizza as something that can give me that. So, it was fear based. It was fear of disease and death that is the starting point for desiring raw pizza. Rather than release these judgments and interact with it as what it really is - food that nourish the body that I can enjoy and interact with when I prepare food - i chose to resist it.

Essentially, raw food and cooked food are expressions of life. They both have nutrition. It is not necessary to compare them and judge them nor resist one and desire the other. It's simply about choosing the food that will nourish the body then cooking and preparing it. Then, looking at the portion that I need. A small slice of cooked pizza  is what I need - that's all. 

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