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Monday, January 7, 2013

Guru Mathematics 5 :Longing Part 3 Day 237 Imagination


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This is a continuation of Part 2

I will highlight the dimension i am working on in this blog with the color pink 

Topic: Self-forgiving me and correcting me in my living application standing equal with the mind - realizing i can only change/stop that which i am equal to/as - stopping mind participation to birth me here as equal to/as all Life

Specific Point: 'My Mind Relationship with the Guru'

What is Self-forgiveness?

Why am i using Mathematics?
I am using mathematical symbols to illustrate how i gave mind values instead of giving  real values as the value of every manifestation as equal to the value that is Life 

The Dimensions of the Mind:

Fear: Fear of not being able to go to India and see the guru


Thought : picture of me standing with wide eyes listening to the monk telling me i have to see Baba (the guru)

Imagination'me feeling something different/feeling blissful when i see him'

Reaction: wonder

Backchat: 'there must be some magical feeling being with the guru'

Body Movement: upper part of chest feeling warm. eyes opening wide

Consequence: learning from how i developed a relationship with the guru  - within existing as an energy experience  that i believed was real when it is in fact existent within a relationship that is coming from a MIND simulated version of reality as the physical body and this physical existence.

Facing the consequence and breathing through it as i stand and change and birth me here as who i am

Intoducing The Quantum Mind
Introducing The Quantum Mind ( System) Systemization

'me feeling something different/feeling blissful when i see him'


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to poarticipate in the design of/as 

 'fear of surviving - as positive energy - as form'

imagine a picture within my mind 

of me in front of the guru

 waiting for that positive energy that i imagined as 'magical'

running away from my fear of negative energy experiences, suffering, pain and sadness

imagining within/as my mind a positive energy experience

imagining sitting in front of the guru's form/body  and feeling something 'more' 

as me desiring the 'moreness of me' - not seeing and realising that

who i am - as positive energy 

is resourcing the body/physical/substance to transform 

it to energy so i can exist as the mind

not realising that I
as who i really am, is not defined by energy

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself 'as positive energy' 
to resource the body/physical for energy
for me as the mind/energy to exist


Commitment to Correction

I commit myself to when and as i see myself  imagining 
a picture within my mind 

i stop - i breathe

I realise that this is me as the mind 
'as fear of not surviving - as positive energy - as form'

resourcing the body - the cell

to transform the physical to energy  

which is a 'negative' in itself

realizing that the positive comes from the negative

So, i assist myself to bring myself back here 
and stabilize me as breath
wake myself up 
clap my hand - stomp my feet

and change my starting point from desiring positive energy experiences 
to facing my fears 
to through writing, self-forgiveness and commitment to correct myself
in my living 
birth me here as who i am

I commit myself to stop participating in positive energy experiences
and stop resourcing the body/physical for energy

Mathematics of Giving Positive and Negative Values 
Giving Value Equal to Life

I realized that i gave the perceived positive energy experience
of being with the guru as the form of the guru 
 a value that is more than life

as for example

Me in India in front of the guru = +100

and has given a value less than Life 
to me, being in the Philippines 
not seeing the form/body of the guru 

as for example

Me in the Philippines without the body/form of the guru = -100

NOT seeing and realizing that the value of the bodyphysical/form of the the guru
is equal to my body/physical/form 
is equal to the body/physical/form of the plant
is equal to the body/physical/form of the animal
is equal to the body/physical/form of nature

as all consist of the same substance all consist of


Guru's body/physical/ substance = Life
All human's body/physical/substance = Life
Animal's body/physical/substance = Life
Plant's body/physical/substance = life
Nature's body/physical/substance  = Life

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