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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pacquiao and The Tax Woman

In the News:

MANILA – Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares criticized the proposed bill seeking to give Sarangani congressman and boxing champion Manny Pacquiao a lifetime tax exemption, calling it “unconstitutional.”
Henares said giving Pacquiao a lifetime tax break for his accomplishments as a boxer will be unfair to other taxpayers.
“There should be a valid classification and everyone who is similarly situated should be accorded the same privilege. We have other national heroes, why aren’t we giving them the same privilege?” she told ANC on Thursday.
She said honoring Pacquiao with the privilege may also expose the country’s skewed value system, which venerates icons and not the soldiers who risk life and limb to protect and defend the country.
“Ito ang magiging tanong: kung ako ay sundalo, eh bakit ako walang exemption eh ang puhunan ko ay buhay ko? Kung hindi naman public sector ang papag-usapan natin, sasabihin ng mga lineman, eh bakit ako hindi ako in-exempt eh tinataya ko ang buhay ko kapag nagre-repair ako ng electric lines. Pero ‘yung mga athlete, hindi naman nila tinataya ang buhay nila for the benefit of other people, it’s for themselves,” she said in a separate interview on dzMM.
The tax exemption for Pacquiao was proposed by Valenzuela City Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo, who wants the bill to known as the Pacquiao Act of 2013.
Under Section 3 of the bill, it says the "state shall confer lifetime individual income tax exemption to boxing icon Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, also known as Manny Pacquiao, who has given outstanding honor and pride to the Filipino people.”
But Henares disputed this, saying that giving honor to a country is not enough basis for a tax exemption.

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When money is being spent to reward a person for winning a sport that harms ones own body and another's body, for the sake of money, popularity and pride, we know there is something being missed. Common sense dictates this is us physically  abusing that which assist us to move and express ourselves.

We were taught in school and at home about the reward for doing good.

Manipulating the body to do or repeat that action which gives us fame, fortune, honor and pride to the detriment of the body is abuse of the body. This is not something 'worthy of a reward' because this is motivated by self-interest. 

This perceived/believed superior deed is labelled as such because we defined ourselves as inferior.

Looking at the case here, the question we can ask ourselves is, how do we see the Philippines as a country without a 'famous athlete' behind our name? 

Who are we as a country?

The essence of a country lies in the stand of each of us to give what is best for all of us to each other in this one life.

Let's look at the word 'reward':

An act performed to strengthen approved behavior

We can expand this definition here by saying, a 'reward' is:

An act performed that will benefit all.

If we give all the chance to survive in dignity by giving all those who qualify a Liviing Income, Guaranteed, so they can get the basic necessities to survive to live in dignity, we are really creating a reward for ALL and not just a FEW.

The proposal of the Living Income Guaranteed to give all a living income will benefit all. Its proposal to remove personal taxes and instead retain sales tax and value added tax will benefit everyone.

One of the fundamental problems in the world in how crime develops is through tax and tax evasion and for that, specially companies employ lawyers to find loopholes in laws so that they can set up all kinds of foundations and charities with which to evade tax; and with which to influence the markets and the goods available to the consumer, to benefit their own bottom line. Now with Basic Income Guaranteed it is suggested that there is no tax at a personal level and no tax at a corporate level and that one only works with either sales tax or value added tax or, if necessary, with an import duty.
Read About The Living Income Guaranteed:

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