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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Right To Life: How Will We Uphold Everyone's Right To Life?

The Right To Life
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The first fundamental human right that the Equal Life Foundation promotes and underwrites is that 
every individual every human being has an equal life right, that means the life you have is equal in each one at the point of birth. 

That which separates man from man is what happens after birth once your education starts for instance or your environment influences you or your parents influence you or the system influences you then you start becoming a separate individual and are taught not to respect the first point that makes your existence possible which is life - life, that is the one thing that is the same. 

You cannot say that one person has more life than another person. 

That life as a life force is the same in each one and thus is the first fundamental right.



I can see that the life i have is equal in each one at the point of birth.

The point of separation happens after birth. I can see that too.

We have people born to a family who has money , food, water, electricity, a house, a car, a farm etc., while there are those who was born in a family that has no money, no house, no car, no farm, no electricity, no food and no means to get education.

The inequality is obvious, yet we ignore this.

The ones who can afford education gets a good education that allows one to land a job or have a business that will eventually earn money to support ones survival while the one who cannot afford good education cannot get one and so the chance to get a job or have a business
will be almost impossible leaving him/her less chance to support ones survival.

The environment can influence us too. When one lives in the smoky mountain environment, for example because one is poor one will be exposed to disease so it can affect ones health etc.

Our parents influence us for example. They can send their kids to a private school where one can get a better education. In most private schools there are other avenues to learn many different things for example, more extra curricular activities like acting, music, arts and educational materials that assist the child to learn like learning reading comprehension and vocabulary outside of the classroom aside from their normal curriculum.

The world system of money also influences us to behave in a certain way. The ones who have money gets good education so they are more confident because they can express themselves using a wide vocabulary. 

How are we going to bridge this gap between the rich and the poor?

It is clear that we have to give ALL a DIGNIFIED LIFE for us to be able to align our life to this first fundamental human right.

Why is this simple solution for a Dignified Life For All,  missed?

Why do we give - up so easily?

Is it because of Fear?

Let's face our fears and for once, let's stand for Life.  and change the way we live life from self-interest to what is best for ALL

Let's have courage to change.

This is the only real gift we can give to ourselves and our children.

Let's give all a Living Income, Guarantee from birth to death so survival will be guaranteed for all.

Let's give all what we deserve.

The Word 'Life'

Taken from the Word Web:

The course of existence of an individual; the actions and events that occur in living

Expanded Meaning:
The course of existence of an individual forming part of the interdependent support here that makes relationships/agreements as what is best for all in all ways - always possible

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