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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Right To Food: How Will We Honor Everyone's Right To Food?

The Right To Food
From 2:13 - 3:02

The third fundamental human right is that every human fundamentally requires food to exist - food to have a life on earth and therefore food which is primarily, actually a substance that is produced by the earth for free to a degree except for the human labor part.  Food is the third basic human right. 

Without food nobody can exist.

The very moment food becomes a scarcity, that is used for control, one actually produces and changes the human into the behavior of a slave master relationship and there exist no human right in that relationship.


We require food to exist.

Our body needs nourishment to be able to carry out its many functions to support us to live and express ourselves here in this physical existence.

The earth produce our food. 

Though, we forget the fact that the earth produces our food for FREE.

How many of us believe that scarcity is brought about by the relationship between supply and demand?

How many realize that food becomes scarce because it is being controlled by some for money and profit?


>Nature gives us food
>we take the food
>corporations process food to sell food to get more money and profit (within self-interest)
>the poor cannot get their share because money and food is controlled by the corporations
>we try to help the poor through charity
>the problem of food continues
>poverty continues


Poverty is a consequence outflow of the REAL PROBLEM

We have to ask ourselves this:

What's causing poverty?

NATURE PROVIDED FOR ALL OF US, there shouldn't be any problem

The real problem is:

What nature provided for each of us unconditionally equally, we distributed unequally

The corporations, which are composed of individuals are taking more than their share of these natural resources for money and profit

We do not share the earth's natural resources to all.

Are we going to blame the corporations? Blaming one another is not the solution.

We have to get the corporations who profit from these natural resources to share it back to the people who is entitled to receive their share so we will all have food to eat. We have to give all a dignified life - where all will have the basic necessities to survive.


Let's align our SOLUTION for that which is BEST FOR ALL


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