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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 1: The Word 'Hey' 21 Day Investigation On Words and Behavior

Video Introduction:
21 Day Word and Behavior Investigation


Someone who's a stranger calling me 'hey'

Don't Call me 'hey', call me by my name,  June
Picture: A Stranger calling me

Mind Pattern
>don't call me 'hey', call me by my name,  June
>why is he calling me hey?
>I got to tell him to call me by my name
>but that's a tic

Turn my head my eyes looking at the person where the sound came from


If someone tell me 'hey you!', here's what goes on in my mind
My Thought: F__k! what did I do?
Picture In My Mind: caught

Mind Pattern:

> F__k! what did I do?
>did I do anything wrong?
>why is he calling me?


Looking up and at the person calling me out, holding my breath
(perceiving danger of being humiliated, so thinking about how to get out of the situation by lying/correcting what I did through reasoning and then exposing/blaming the other person

To be continued.

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