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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Money Mind Patterns of Success, The US and The Philippine Scene

I looked at these 2 articles yesterday that talked about Success, one in the US setting and one in the Philippine setting:

1. Rich Poor Money and Family (US)
http://www.npr.org/blogs/ed/2014/08/07/335285098/rich-kid-poor-kid-for-30-years-baltimore-study-tracked-who-gets-ahead?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=tomr20090326is Behind Success

2. Case Study of 2 Women (Philippines)

What I am going to share with you is my 'success mind pattern' which relates to the 2 articles and my fear of not surviving in a world where survival is not guaranteed which is the fear fueling this.

In the Philippines:
>I need to feed my family
>I have to earn money
>How can I survive and feed my family now that I am separated?

In the US
>I need to find a good relationship and settle for good, have a visa to work here
>and earn enough money to live and buy things I need
>I also need to have spiritual support
>It is tough to live here too
>I thought life is different here in the US
>I thought I can express myself freely and have a business that revolves around my self-expression
>but here i am working a job I do not really want to do

At one point of my stay in the US, here's my Spiritual Lonnging Mind Pattern:
> I need to answer my questions about life
>I need to know the answer to my life's questions
>I need to connect all the puzzle pieces
>I feel I am not complete if I don't know everything
>only then I can earn money
>what's the use of earning money if I don't even know who I really am?

To be successful financially, we need money to survive.

For me to be able to pursue my spiritual investigation I also need to survive.

We all need to have the basic necessities to survive in this world. The monks and priests need money to run their organizations and people in relationships have to earn money for the relationship to survive. They also need a roof over their head and pay bills. When Spiritual organizations do not have money donated by their supporters, the monks go out to ask for donation, otherwise it will stop functioning. When people in relationships lose their job or gets fired, they do not have money to survive and the relationship most of the time collapse.The fear of surviving in a world where survival is not guaranteed appears. This can fuel arguments and most of the time this can even lead to boredom or apathy in physical interaction or sex - which can lead to separation.

Money is behind the survival of spiritual organizations, relationships - everything really.

When we have no money to buy food to feed ourselves, the brain will not have nourishment. It will stop functioning and breathing will stop.

So money is an essential requirement to get  the needs of humans met. Financial success can happen when one has something to eat otherwise how can one go to work? Spiritual understanding or realization of what this world is about can happen when one has some food, clothing and shelter to keep one warm at night. To be able to self-introspect, we need the basic necessities to survive. So money is also a prerequisite for self-realization. We need electricity or gas to give food to the poor and we need internet connection to give classes online or we need electricity to give spiritual training in person to those who need it.

To survive in both countries, we need money. It is more difficult to find a job that will pay more money in the Philippines, so the Filipino dream is to go abroad and earn more money. But to survive in the US, as an immigrant, there are many requirements and it takes time to fulfill those requirements.

I live in the US right now. I lived in the Philippines for a long time. The US belongs to the first world and the Philippines belong to the third world.

Wouldn't it be beneficial if there will be no country categories with all of us equally given the basic necessities we need  to survive -  where we all have guaranteed survival from birth to death ?

Wouldn't it be beneficial if we live in countries that provide us the raw materials we need to survive distributed accordingly -  in alignment to what nature intended - raw materials of the earth for all?


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