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Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 2: The Mind Patterns: Mind Interpretations

June's Blog About The Word 'Hey'

21 Day Investigation On Words and Behavior

Looking At The Mind Interpretation Within This Mind Pattern

Mind Pattern
>don't call me 'hey', call me by my name,  June 
>why is he calling me hey?
>I got to tell him to call me by my name 
>but that's a tic

The Mind Interpretation: The Subjective View of Reality

Note: I am looking at each part of the mind pattern below

>don't call me 'hey', call me by my name, 'June'

Here, I have an idea that L has to call me by my name.

Here's my Belief:
(Word Web: Any cognitive content held as true)

'I live with him, so I am not a stranger to him - he knows me'

This knowing that I am referring to here is not real knowing but a mind knowing.

I as the personality that is an alternate version of myself in my mind is what I believed as the real me, based on my mind perception of myself. This is the mind me that interprets reality according to a subjective interpretation of what I perceive - as who I have become - my thoughts, Imaginations, backtalks, reactions, and behavior. - an experience of ourselves as the mind, rather than a real experience of/as who we really are.

Who I really am are my thoughts
Who i really am are my imaginations
Who I really am are my backtalks or backchats or mind chatters
Who I really am are my reactions
Who I really am are my behaviors

I see L the same way, as a personality that is an interpretation of him (as who he really is) in my mind.
It is NOT who we really are.

These are 2 alternate versions of ourselves.formed from our interpretation of who each other is in our mind.

Reality as A Mind Interpretation of What Is Perceived Within Our Mind:

Word Web
All of your experiences that determine how things appear to you

Reality as What It Is 
Expanded Definition of the Word 'Reality'

All our physical experiences of ourselves that is based on our perception of things as what they really are - perceived through our physical senses.

If we look at who we really are. we can see that we are all birthed here living this one life - equal and one.

To Be Continued



Leon's Blog About the Word 'Hey'
Day 1

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