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Monday, March 4, 2013

Redefining HAPPINESS Day 247

Redefining Words
Parenting:Perfecting The Human Race

The Word as Sound

Half- I - Nest
Happy  nest 

The letters within the word 'happiness' as the mind sees it:

HA-lf as P-ositive energy 
P-epped up
half of who I have become 
as N-egative E-nergy 
S-plitting S-elf 's awareness of oneself
(fearing the negative energy experience and desiring the positive energy experience)

Redefining 'Happiness'

Happiness is the enjoyment of oneself in/as ones expression as all life


The definition that happiness is 'good fortune',  'pleasure', 'contentment' and'/or joy' comes from the character/ego/personality as who we have become as the mind.

I am redefining the word 'happiness' and giving it a meaning equal to who i am - equal to all that exist - one that i can live as an expression of myself.
Who we are - is All Life.
Our fear of survival. sadness, pain, sickness, suffering etc. fuels us to desire happiness.
We have separated ourselves within and as the mind

We separated from the body, the cells, as all the atoms in/as existence
We forgot that we are the breath within the body

We did not see that we can enjoy ourselves as that breath going into the depths of the physical body  breathing in and breathing out extending that expression/enjoyment of ourselves into physical living.

as we are participating in our mind - and with all that noise we cannot 'hear' what is here

We did not see that the original point of life
is our body
as a child we are physical in our expression
and that the mind came later
as adults we become mind driven = the noise driving us

realizing that we have to forgive ourselves from programming ourselves 
to behave the way we do, think , react etc., 

realizing that we have to commit to correct ourselves 
until we can apply the corrections in our living participation

Let's look at our mind and deconstruct the patterns that we have created as our reality - deconstructed through self-forgiveness and reconstructed through a commitment to correct oneself in ones application moment by moment, breath by breath - for what is best for all life, birthing ourselves as who we are as life - stopping the mind - communicating with the body and 'hearing' what is here in absolute awareness of who we are as equal to/as all Life 

Realizing that we live this one life and that we have a chance to create heaven on earth by living as equals in a world that provides for all.


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