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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Foundation of Who I Am: Physical Day 245

Parenting::Perfecting the Human Race

What is Self-forgiveness?

Self-forgiveness Statements

I forgive myself
that i have accepted and allowed myself
'as the physical'
to be split within myself
 my awareness
going to 
who i am 
in relation to energy
existing in relationship to the mind
in the form of
and suppression
relating to this world
in terms of 
my experience
of/as positive, neutral and negative energy 
rather than 
real living participation 
making this
the foundation of 

Self-Commitment Statements

I commit myself to 
when and as i see myself  
splittng myself
going to my awareness 
of who i am as energy
I stop
I breathe
I realize that 
who i am is not defined by energy 
who i am is here as breath
in every moment
I assist myself  
to accept and allow me to 
instead of relating myself to 
this world in terms of experiences 
to rather relate to this world 
in real living participation  

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