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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pork Barrel 7 : Edsa Prayer Rally: Alleged Mastermind Giving Money To A Monsignor: Jesus Message

When i was in the Philippines in 1986, i walked with thousands of people who participated in the 'people's power' protest at the main highway in the Philippines called EDSA, not throughout the whole day but part of the day. That rally ended the 20 year administration of the then 'dictator', Ferdinand Marcos. 

We believed then that he took the problems of the Philippines with him in Hawaii where he headed off aided by the US, and that at that point we're free. That was what we wanted to believe so we can feel we have done something worthwhile but that is just a BE-LIE-F. 

I saw the problem repeating. It persisted. 

Corruption is still here. The real problem was Not addressed.

The problem of poverty is a recurring problem that needs to be addressed for things to change for real. The problem of inequality and poverty will be here because we are recreating these problems, otherwise these problems will not be repeating itself.

As we see poor people suffering without food to eat, without shelter, without flushing toilets, without medical attention, without education etc.  we will have a FEAR within our mind, that one day we might lose our money and live like them to also suffer a life of poverty. We then push ourselves to make more and more money everyday so we can be so rich we will never be poor. 

We go to other countries to work so we can receive dollars in exchange for our services. We know that the dollar has a higher value than the Philippine peso in the foreign exchange market, so we know that if we work in the US and UK for example we can provide our family members with the best possible education, housing, food etc. to live a comfortable life. 

We have to ask ourselves,
Why not let everyone live Life in dignity, instead of just our family living a life of comfort?

It is because of self-interest - our own family first before others. 

All children are our children. All families are our family. We are one and equal to Life because we are all part of Life. 

We all are birthed here. 

Can we forgive ourselves after we die when we have a life review, when we ask ourselves, 
'did we stand for what is best for all'?

We have to forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing this system of abuse.

This is how we create the poor and we can justify this in so many ways but eventually we will face the consequence - corruption, crime, rape, child prostitution, mail-order bride, OFW abuse etc. 

The list is endless not only in our country but all over the world. 

We have to look at how we can change this unequal world system of money.

The prayers are not going to change us. It is US who need to change our operating basis  and implement some changes in society. 

An excerpt of an Article at GMA Network:

'The atmosphere outside the EDSA Shrine turned festive before noon Wednesday as participants began to gather for a prayer vigil against the pork barrel system.
Some of the participants included a clown who juggled big balls in front of the crowd, radio dzBB's Sam Nielsen reported.
Another participant was an elderly man who wore his message to President Benigno Aquino III over his shirt.
"PNoy, Please lang... Huwag mo kami ipakaing lubusan sa mga BABOY at BUWAYA (PNoy, don't feed us to the pigs and crocodiles)," the message read.'

People who sell hats and T-shirts are still making MONEY at the EDSA rally.
'Earlier in the day, vendors showed up at the EDSA Shrine to sell novelty items with anti-pork barrel statements and images, dzBB's Rodil Vega reported.
The report said the items being sold included T-shirts printed with anti-pork barrel slogans, sold at P100 to P150 each.'

The alleged mastermind allegedly pocketed MONEY from the pork barrel funds and even the church is mentioned in the news:

There is an allegation that the alleged mastermind gives a monthly stipend to a Monsignor of the Catholic church:

'In the joint affidavit submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation, the whistleblowers said Ramirez receives a monthly stipend, allegedly from the account of Napoles herself.
As an example, they enumerated several checks that amounted to P150,000 pesos each.
ABS-CBN sources said that Ramirez now lives at a property also allegedly owned by Napoles.
A male house helper also confirmed this.'

Corruption and poverty is still here.

What changed? 

The people who run the government looks different, but that's about it.

Who we have become within ourselves did Not change.

We felt a relief after Marcos left but the same problem that we had then, we still have now. We tried to put a 'band-aid' to the wound, so to speak, but fail to see the real problem, so there is No lasting solution. It keeps repeating itself. 

History repeats itself because we repeat the same mind patterns - we fear the same things, we desire the same things.

We have to face the REAL Problem, otherwise, the real problem will still be here and it's going to affect all of us = We All Lose.

The REAL problem is Inequality/Poverty. 

We have to nationalize resources to create dividends enough to give a Basic/Living Income, to the poor, unemployed, elderly and uneducated, Guaranteed from birth to death  

It is Not about giving alms to the church, to foundations, charities etc.  It is about giving the poor the basic necessities they need to survive with dignity from birth to death, not just when we like to. 

It is living the message of Jesus:

Give what you want to receive.

We do not just want to get left-over money from the rich or the elite sometimes to then give it to the poor. This is seeing the poor as less than ourselves and because of guilt, we would like to give to the poor.

We want to be treated as an equal.

This is about giving a life of dignity for those who are living in poverty, realizing that nature gave us All resources to be able to survive equally.

Quotes:"I commit myself to show that when the starting point is life equally respected in each other, the fundamental premise to give so that you may receive is immediately grasped to such an extent that irrational fear evaporates." Bernard Poolman

“I commit myself to restore the common sense trust in the physical reality that is the giver of life, to restore order in an irrational , illusory world of consciousness.” Bernard Poolman

“I commit myself to demonstrate the oneness interdependency between all parts of the physical realm that together form the body that is life through which we have been destroying the Earth, and our life will end and therefore we cannot continue to live as if we are separate of the real reality without permanent consequence.” Bernard Poolman

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