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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Solution To Poverty In America

Poverty does not only exist in Asia, but also in America. This is what i found out in my 15 years of being in the US having seen the homeless in Broadway Street in Los Angeles and the homeless in New York, Arkansas, San Diego and Dallas.

Many people from the third world countries like where i came from, the Philippines, dream to go to America for a better life, but this is now a broken dream, as we can see in this documentary, with the middle class losing their jobs and their house plus children to feed and take care of, 


'A new study reveals that 46.5 million Americans, including children, are living in poverty amounting to one in ever seven people across the country. 
The alarming figures, released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Tuesday, is nothing new. It marks the sixth year in a row that the statistic has failed to improve.
Remaining stagnant at 15 per cent, the nation's poverty rate is not statistically different from the number of impoverished in 2011. '

The poverty rate in the Philippines according to statistics (which cannot be totally trusted) is from about 28-52%. I wrote something about this in my previous blog.

The poor is being given unemployment benefits for a limited period only:
'David Johnson, the chief of the Census Bureau's household economics division, estimated that unemployment benefits helped keep 1.7 million people out of poverty'

What we want to look at here is how we view life in this world. 
Why do we accept and allow poverty in our world system where poor people get benefits from the government only if they  fill out documents that determines whether or not they are qualified ?

The fact that we are all birthed here in this one life make us qualified to receive our share of the resources the earth is giving all equally.
We have to forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing inequality in this world system.

We have to stand up and see that Life is here and nature gives its resources equally for all.
The fact is that everyone has a right to get a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death,, they do not have to apply or be qualified for it, the fact that one is alive makes one qualified to receive it, because it is ones human right to live, survive and get the basic necessities one need to survive.

We do not need short term benefits, we need a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death. 

'This lack of improvement in poverty is disappointing and discouraging,' said John Iceland, a former Census Bureau chief of the poverty and health statistics branch who is now a Penn State sociology professor.'
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2423834/One-seven-Americans-living-poverty.html#ixzz2fS8iGwn1 
We had been trying to provide solution to poverty for a long time? Why is poverty still here?

We miss the real problem.

We have to treat each other as equals and Not see the poor as people we can give alms to when we have money who will make us feel better about ourselves because we have what they do not have.

The solution is to nationalize resources and create dividends enough to pay a Basic/Living Income to the poor, the unemployed, the elderly and the uneducated  

From the Basic/Living income guarantee Site:

For the idea of Basic Income that is currently being proposed by various groups around the world to work, one needs to look at the whole point of resources within countries and the most effective way to bring about a source that will be able to provide the monetary resources for a Basic Income for everyone – so that each one has got a basic level of dignity – would be to Nationalize all the Resources – whether it is mining or production within a country – to structure the products produced and the resources produced through a pricing structure that produces enough profit so that such money is specifically dedicated to pay a Basic Income to everyone in the country.
This is how the shareholder becomes the citizen and therefore the citizen benefits from the shareholding and the Basic Income becomes the way that the profit of the business is utilized to help everyone. Each one will be made aware of buying products from the very companies that are producing the income that will become the Basic Income Guaranteed. In this way, the Basic Income becomes possible, it is a form of socialism and it brings capitalism or the ownership principle of capitalism into a place where all citizens of the country become part of the basic capital, which is the basic resource that is then utilized for the benefit of all the citizens within the country.
This way the corporation = becomes government, the shareholder = the citizen, the profit = the Basic Income Guaranteed and you have financially sustainable basic solution to create integrity and to bring about the end of poverty within a country. From that perspective one can then develop business structures of competition, but there are certain things that are not part of competition: the human should not compete with each other to the extent where poverty is caused or where people are driven to starvation, or where people do not have homes or food – that is not competition, that is brutality and is completely unacceptable.
So this whole idea that competition and market forces ‘will sort it out,’ the evidence is quite clear: it’s not going to happen. What needs to happen is a directive action politically by people to bring about economic change, nationalize the necessary resources, make the citizens the shareholders, pay them as shareholders a Basic Income out of the profit, motivate them to buy from the products and the resources that are being nationalized because they are supporting their own business and that’s how we create a solution for Basic Income.
Some of the benefits of a Basic Income Guaranteed through the way we propose would be that in essence it is a redistribution of money which allows an interesting thing to take place: more people having money to spend on the basic things that are required for a decent life, will cause actually some of the corporations to make more money. There’ll be more money in the money supply therefore there will be economic growth and consequently, employment will be created and so people will be able to step into better positions and the benefits of such a scenario would bring about a positive growth within the whole system.

"I commit myself to show, that Life as ‘lifestyle’ as origin as source as resource, is Given: Equally – to every Body of Life; and that dominion is to those that are able to distribute this which is Given Freely, Equally to All – that no-one may need or desire anything that will cause this separation that now exist as ‘lifestyle’ on Earth." Bernard Poolman

"I commit myself to Call on those claiming to be experts in Economics, to remove their Fears and prejudices, and to walk in Forgiveness for what they have allowed on Earth, and to rectify the situation so that All Life may be Equal at the table, prepared for Each One to have enough to Eat and Drink, and to have a Home and a lifestyle worth Living to such measure that that is the Inheritance they give to All Children that may ever be born on Earth for All Time – as that is the Foundation of Eternal Peace and Love on Earth." Bernard Poolman

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