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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pork Barrel Part 5: Whistleblowers Fear for Their Life


"Mas pinag-iingat ngayon ang mga whistleblower sa bilyun-bilyong pisong pork barrel scam. Ito'y matapos madiskubre ng ilang intel sources ang planong patahimikin umano ang mga whistleblowers, kanilang abugado at maging si Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.'" Exclusive, nagpa-Patrol, Jay Ruiz. TV Patrol, Setyembre 7, 2013, Sabado

The news clip was an interview with the lawyer of the whistleblowers. He said that they fear for their life.

In part 3 of this blog, we found out that the 'alleged mastermind' surrendered because she also fears for her life.

This will tell us one thing:

We all will have to face our fear of death.

In both camps there is Fear:

>Inequality/Poverty is a problem in society
>Government tries a temporary way to solve this problem and does not provide a permanent solution to the problem, so the problem persist.
> Politicians Fear not being re-elected so desires to help to be re-elected 
(fear of survival which fuels the desire for money and power to win)
> Politicians Desire to win the elections to get more money and power to survive in a competitive world
>the poor asks for help 
(fear of survival which fuels desire to survive through crime etc. to win)
>Politicians see there are funds in office for the poor
> Politicians sign documents to allocate funds to the Foundations who are not delivering what's promised
>The funds given to the foundations were not used to help the poor but was pocketed by the owners of the Foundation 
(fear of survival which fuels the desire to live life in luxury to win)
>The 'third whistleblower' was allegedly detained by the alleged mastermind
>The government agency responsible rescued the 'third whistleblower' from the condominium of the alleged mastermind
>The 'third whistleblower' gave some names of some politicians her former employer, the alleged mastermind talks to
>Another whistleblower who worked with the alleged mastermind detailed how they get funds to fund the fake Foundations
>The government issues a warrant of arrest to the alleged mastermind
>The alleged scammer hides/flees
>Money is offered as a reward for the surrender of the person 
>The alleged mastermind said she fears for her life, so, surrenders to President Aquino
(fear of death)
> the alleged mastermind went into custody
>the lawyer of the whistleblowers conveyed that they too fear for their life
(fear of death)
>Government tries to solve problem of corruption
>Government provides a temporary solution but not a permanent solution to end the problem of poverty/inequality
>Inequality continues
>corruption is still here
>Government provides a temporary solution but not a permanent solution to end the problem of poverty/inequality
>Inequality continues
>corruption is still here
>Government trying to provide a temporary solution but not a permanent solution to end the problem of poverty/inequality
>Inequality/Poverty continues

We cannot deny that Inequality/Poverty in society impulse our Fears.

In a world system of inequality, where all are competing with each other to survive or to win, no one feels safe. Everyone will be suspicious of each other within ones mind believing that one cannot trust another because they can destroy the other if they disagree with them. So, one goes for control over others, power over others. The thrust is to win, fearing to lose the game of competition. So, we have to provide a solution where we can create a balanced ecosystem of money where all can WIN.

'if one takes your Basic Resources like power, cellphones, telephones, water and one charges for them – because they’re required and consumed within a particular area or a country – according to a structure of profit to provide a Basic Income Guaranteed from everyone to everybody, you have a stable income because you have a stable user and the user is able to pay and it is part of their basic way of existence. Mining and other type of natural resources are all in a similar position and they should belong to the citizens and no one else. From there we can bring equal dignity to all from birth to death – but for that, we require to provide a lot of education because currently the human beings do not challenge the elites that benefit from winning in this competition of capitalism.
Competition is good if one competes with yourself to bring about a better product, to bring about advancement for all = that is competition within the principle of common sense. Competition that leads to destruction, poverty, starvation and that drives people out of their homes and that creates extreme wealth for just a few = that’s not competition, that is brutality and abuse of all Human Rights in every way.
Study the Universal Human Rights, study the Human Rights by The Equal Life Foundation. It is time that we take this on politically and bring about a change in this world because the situation is not going to get better without us doing something about it.'

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