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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Poverty, The "Atheist Church" or The Sunday Assembly And The Christian Church

In the news today, is the London based "Atheist Church", let's have a look at this:


'Yesterday, The Sunday Assembly—the London-based “Atheist Church” that has, since its January launch, been stealing headlines the world over—announced a new “global missionary tour.” In October and November, affiliated Sunday Assemblies will open in 22 cities: in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, the United States and Australia. “I think this is the moment,” Assembly founder Sanderson Jones told me in an email last week, “when the Sunday Assembly goes from being an interesting phenomenon to becoming a truly global movement.” Structured godlessness is ready for export.'

“We have the most natural human urge to do this,” he insists: to organize ourselves around institutions of meaning. I am inclined to agree that “Live Better, Help Often, and Wonder More” is a lovely motto to build around.

In one video done by BBC news,  according to one church attendee in this video (1:56) who visited the Atheist Church and visited the christian Church next door,

'It's about community spirit and they both have a lot of that.',

Sunday Assembly: BBC News

We can  see that the community spirit here is an idea of being with others, yet what is the real meaning of this? 

What i can see is that if both of these churches, the "Atheist Church' and the 'Christian Church' bring this 'community spirit' at work within a principle of 'What is Best for All' - focusing on assessing what is best in terms of how we can stop poverty or inequality in this world for example then this will create a result that will benefit all of us in this world.

We can see that both of these churches use infrastructure of the current world system when they have their service like water, electricity etc. so we can say that both of them are supporting this unequal world system this way

Attendees talk about the meaning of Life inside these churches but usually it has got something to do with personal meaning or how one can benefit from these services. I suggest to look at the REAL meaning of Life in terms of walking as equals where all can get the basic necessities one need to survive in dignity, as we are all birthed here, talking about how we can stop inequality/poverty so that when one goes out of the church back to the world we live in, one's expression will be aligned to Life's primary principle - standing for what is best for all.

There are many solutions done before like charity to the poor, benefits etc. yet i question the REALNESS of this because it assists the poor for a limited time and it also has limited reach and mostly financed by foundations who wants a tax cut, so this failed and will fail again and again.  We have to change our operating basis.

Why is poverty or inequality still here?

We are continually recreating it by creating this within our mind through desiring to be rich, desiring to be a monk etc. all because what fuels these desires are our fears - fear of being poor, fear of handling money etc. and within this polarity equation, we create that which we resist. 

Adding to this, we are bombarded daily by unemployment, poverty etc. in the news and we react to this because we fear that one day we may lose what we've got and become poor and unemployed ourselves.

Eventually, our body suffers because the energy we use within our mind to think about these things takes energy from the powerhouse, which is of course our body. 

These are the things we cannot see - the consequential outflow of what we accept and allow in this world, the inequality, the poverty etc.

The solution is woven within the basic principle of life: "What is Best for All'

We have to align our expression to nature's expression.

Nature gives all its resources to all of us equally, yet human greed only gives few of us access to these resources.

So what is the solution to inequality - to poverty?

We have to nationalize resources and create dividends enough to pay the poor, the unemployed, the uneducated and the elderly a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death so we can have a balanced ecosystem of money.

This message is the REAL MESSAGE that has to be part of every congregational service in every church, be it the "Atheist Church" or the Christian Church.


or the idea of Basic Income that is currently being proposed by various groups around the world to work, one needs to look at the whole point of resources within countries and the most effective way to bring about a source that will be able to provide the monetary resources for a Basic Income for everyone – so that each one has got a basic level of dignity – would be to Nationalize all the Resources – whether it is mining or production within a country – to structure the products produced and the resources produced through a pricing structure that produces enough profit so that such money is specifically dedicated to pay a Basic Income to everyone in the country.
This is how the shareholder becomes the citizen and therefore the citizen benefits from the shareholding and the Basic Income becomes the way that the profit of the business is utilized to help everyone. Each one will be made aware of buying products from the very companies that are producing the income that will become the Basic Income Guaranteed. In this way, the Basic Income becomes possible, it is a form of socialism and it brings capitalism or the ownership principle of capitalism into a place where all citizens of the country become part of the basic capital, which is the basic resource that is then utilized for the benefit of all the citizens within the country.
If we have to look at the fact that there exists an inability to use a democratic model to bring about change, where each person has one vote and thus the majority – if they were in fact able to assess what is best – would vote for what is best, and what is best will always create a result that is also best for the individual. Yes, those in power that manage the content of the human mind through media, through entertainment, through television, through education, through religion, through every means that now exist – because they are funding it and they are funding what protects their rights but do not protect Human Rights – those will be in a lesser position than where they are now but some of them own virtually the whole world! So: they’re going to have to share.

"I commit myself to show that when the starting point is life equally respected in each other, the fundamental premise to give so that you may receive is immediately grasped to such an extent that irrational fear evaporates." Bernard Poolman

“I commit myself to restore the common sense trust in the physical reality that is the giver of life, to restore order in an irrational , illusory world of consciousness.” Bernard Poolman

“I commit myself to demonstrate the oneness interdependency between all parts of the physical realm that together form the body that is life through which we have been destroying the Earth, and our life will end and therefore we cannot continue to live as if we are separate of the real reality without permanent consequence.” Bernard Poolman

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