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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SOLUTION To The Philippine WATER Problem: MWSS, Maynilad, Manila Water

In this blog, i would like to look at the water problem in Manila which is also related to the water problem happening in other parts of the world - corporations earning profit from water, a natural resource that is given to all equally. I am suggesting a solution that will benefit all at the bottom part of this blog.

I was reading the news recently and i saw that there's a proposed water rate hike in Manila. Here is a quote from the news article and the link::

West zone concessionaire Maynilad Water Services Inc. proposed a rate hike of P8.58 per cubic meter (cu. m.).
Those consuming 30 cu. m. will incur an additional cost of P250 in their monthly water bills.
The west zone includes parts of Manila and Quezon City, west of South Super Highway in Makati, Caloocan, Pasay, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Valenzuela, Navotas, and Malabon as well as the municipalities of Bacoor, Imus, Kawit, Noveleta and Rosario in Cavite.
East zone concessionaire Manila Water, on the other hand, asked for a rate hike of P5.83 per cu. m., which means customers consuming 30 cu. m. will bear an additional cost of P125 to P135 in their monthly bills.
The east zone covers parts of Quezon City and Makati, the southeastern parts of Manila, Taguig, Pateros, Marikina, Pasig, San Juan, Mandaluyong, and Rizal province.
Under a concession agreement, a rate rebasing scheme is processed every five years and serves as the basis for MWSS to review a concessionaires' past performance and future plans.
However, consumer group Water for All Refund Movement (WARM) claimed the water rate hike petition was as good as having been approved by MWSS. 

The news says that  the arbitration panel has been formed :

Let's look at the Philippine water situation. Here are 2 companies who are concessionaires of the MWSS, who are owned by corporations who gets profit from the nature's resource: WATER.

Water is given to all equally by the earth. 

At the moment, the world system of money allows corporations to profit from this resource. Who are the owners of the corporations who are concessionaires of the MWSS? 

Rich businessmen  and their family. 

Why don't we stand as the guardian of all families on earth and provide not juist for our family but for all families on earth? 

Instead of giving alms to the poor only when we have money, let's treat them as equals and give them a dignified life by giving them a Living Income Guaranteed from birth to death, this is living the message of Jesus, 'Give as You Would Like To Receive.

The net profit for each of these corporations are in Millions to Billions of Pesos:

It is not enough to rally and protest. The reforms we are asking are little reforms here and there. This is coping in an unequal world system of money. We have to give ourselves the gift of life and stop thinking  as victims, because this just shows how we see ourselves - as inferior humans trying to ask for reform. 

We have to gather our strength, rise up, understand, speak, and write what is going on and give ourselves a dignified life for all.

 It is to realize that the natural resources of the earth are given to all equally.

Let's look at the MWSS.

 According to the official responsible, there's profit being made:

"When we came in, MWSS declared a net loss of so many hundreds of millions. By the next year, we already declared a net income of so many hundreds of millions. By last year, we already declared—MWSS already declared billions of pesos in net income," he said.

The Palace, in the television report, said that MWSS suffered a P34-million loss in 2010, but it rebounded with a P333-million net profit in 2011 and P2 billion in 2012.
Lacierda likewise stressed that the distribution of bonuses is now covered by the rules and regulations of the Governance Commission for GOCCs"

Privatization of water in Metro manila:

There has to be a way for the poor to share from the profits of this natural resource, WATER , that is being given by the earth for all equally.

This resource, WATER, is not being given for just a few but for All that is living here in this one life. 

The Solution:
We have to nationalize resources, like water, and create dividends enough to pay a Basic/Living Income, Guaranteed from birth to death for the poor, the unemployed, the uneducated, the elderly etc. so wecan all live a life of dignity.

'Some of the benefits of a Basic Income Guaranteed through the way we propose would be that in essence it is a redistribution of money which allows an interesting thing to take place: more people having money to spend on the basic things that are required for a decent life, will cause actually some of the corporations to make more money. There’ll be more money in the money supply therefore there will be economic growth and consequently, employment will be created and so people will be able to step into better positions and the benefits of such a scenario would bring about a positive growth within the whole system.
Understand that without having the resources, the way to guarantee how one will get the money in the current system, a Basic Income is impossible and that the current limited resources due to the absolute controls of the corporations and the extremes of competition in terms of how that has limited the growth of the money supply and limited the amount of the people that can participate in the economy = that scenario is a problem and one needs to have a solution. The solution is that one expands capitalism through nationalization by making the citizens the shareholders and so, grow the economic benefit for everyone. This is specially in things like cellphone/telephone companies, electricity, water, all the things that are basic needs must be corporations that are run by government qualified people and the citizens/the shareholders, wherein the pricing must be such to generate enough profit to be able to sustainably pay a Basic Income to everyone and within that, you’ll have a solution for the current problems and step-up eventually into a new system.
"I commit myself to show, that Life as ‘lifestyle’ as origin as source as resource, is Given: Equally – to every Body of Life; and that dominion is to those that are able to distribute this which is Given Freely, Equally to All – that no-one may need or desire anything that will cause this separation that now exist as ‘lifestyle’ on Earth." Bernard Poolman

"I commit myself to Call on those claiming to be experts in Economics, to remove their Fears and prejudices, and to walk in Forgiveness for what they have allowed on Earth, and to rectify the situation so that All Life may be Equal at the table, prepared for Each One to have enough to Eat and Drink, and to have a Home and a lifestyle worth Living to such measure that that is the Inheritance they give to All Children that may ever be born on Earth for All Time – as that is the Foundation of Eternal Peace and Love on Earth." Bernard Poolman


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