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Saturday, June 22, 2013

BIG Part 1: How To End Poverty In the Philippines Part 1 Introduction BIG Day 305

'There was a tendency for survey respondents to somehow exaggerate their degrees of poverty and needs for at least two reasons. One is that it could prod the government -- both national and local -- to expand existing subsidies, or invent new aid programs on top of existing ones, if poverty and hunger incidence remained high.
Two, people would not reveal that one reason for their poverty and/or hunger was their high consumption of alcohol and tobacco products, or high spending on lotto, jueteng, cockfighting and other forms of gambling, relative to their household income. There is a tendency to under-report or fail to report this kind of spending in poverty surveys, whether done by the government or private outfits like the SWS.
Mentioning the second reason would be considered as “politically incorrect” because it is tantamount to “blaming the victim.” But those who say this should recognize that the ultimate victim in society would be the taxpayers, especially the fixed-income earners, who are automatically deducted 30 or 32 percent monthly, as government keeps expanding its expenditures.
While we cannot stop the SWS –- or any other private survey firm -- from conducting its subjective and even emotion-based “self-rated poverty” survey, people should be informed or warned of the potential for sensationalism and alarmism. They make good news, good headlines -- imagine the stark contrast between persistent poverty and record economic growth.'

The Philippines is a country where poverty is very high.

The surveys can be exaggerated for financial reasons and self-interest, but the question i ask myself is this:

Should we allow poverty in any part of the world when the earth gives us enough to share equally?

No. This is unacceptable.

The reason why we get caught up with the politics of hunger is that we accept and allow inequality in this world system.

Can we do something about this?


It is a matter of changing our starting point, then looking at why there is a problem - looking at what life is about and coming up with a solution.

We solve problems at the office and at home most of the time.

We are all able to look at the problem and find a solution.

In investigating a problem, we have to do the following:

First, we have to learn to change our starting point.

From a starting point of living in a world of inequality based on FEAR of SURVIVAL, just coping

To a starting point of living life in a world based on equality where  SURVIVAL is GUARANTEED.

Second, we have to look at the Primary Principle of Life, which is,

What is best for all

We are all equally birthed in this world - that is the point of equality.

In our birth certificate is stated where we were born, within that we know we have resources to support us to survive coming from that country's resources - coming from the earth.

It is treason to accept and allow unequal distribution of these resources that the earth provided for us all equally.

We have to honor the earth by giving all  equal access to these resources - giving all access to the basic necessities we need to survive.

This is our birthright

The earth provided us all equally with resources so all can survive

There is enough for everyone

The problem of poverty should not exist

So what is the solution?

Within the problem lies the solution.

Third, let's ask ourselves, Why is there a problem?

What is the real reason why there is a problem.

If we identify that, we will be able to provide a solution.


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