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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Solution To Not Having A Good Sex Life Day :301 Backchat Moles At The Back

This is a Continuation of This Blog


In this blog i will be working with the Backchat Dimension
(highlighted with the brown color)

In the next blogs, i will be working on the rest of the dimensions  of my mind

Brief Outline:

Fear: the base platform of the mind
Fear of not having a good sex life

The Conscious Mind:
Design of the Conscious Mind

Thought: picture of having sex with DMC
Imagination: 'not enjoying having sex with someone i am not attracted to physically, and assuring myself that this suffering will end.'

The Subconscious Mind: 
Design of the Subconscious Mind

2.'I do not like the moles in his back'

faking it, feeling of loss

The Unconscious Mind:
Design of the Unconscious Mind

Body Movement: 
withdrawing touch, smiles halfway



The QuantumMind
The Quantum Physical

The Real Physical


What is self-forgiveness?


Self-forgiveness Statements

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to

participate in the design of 'fear of survival - as form - as energy'

have internal conversations within my mind

about DMC's moles in the back
as in 'I do not like the moles in his back'

separating from his physical form

giving moles a value less than life

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to 

give moles a value less than life

giving form without moles a value more than life

connecting this experience to a negative energy experience of
when i was young seeing my grandmother
having moles and freckles on her face

connecting her moles to ugliness

connecting moles to dirt
connecting moles and discoloration on the skin
to being less than - being inferior

connecting skin without moles or clear skin 

to beauty
giving it a value more than life

believing i am inferior because i have freckles on my face

believing it is just like dirt on the skin
believing that my mom's skin being white
is superior
and my skin on my face is inferior 
connecting it to ugliness
or being imperfect

having conversation in my mind of how i feel
when i saw my grandmother's mole 
and when i saw the freckles on my face  
experiencing a negative energy experience

taking pictures from the distant past
comparing that to my recent past energy experience
seeing the moles in DMC's back
and having a negative energy experience
out of looking at it

fearing being inferior
fearing being criticized
fearing being laughed at
fearing being ridiculed

reliving athe experience i had with my mom
of when i was young
her telling me i am careless -  in the kitchen
when i dropped something on the floor
in front of everyone on the table

getting angry
but suppressing my anger
suppressing the irritation within me that i experiences
blaming her for me feeling inferior

projecting my fear of being inferior
to DMC

instead of realizing that i have to face my fear
take responsibility
forgive myself
commit to correct myself
and write a script
so i can live
the corrections

realizing that my desire to leave the relationship
is fulled by my fear of being inferior

within this, not realizing that
the body is being resourced for the mind to exist
and that, participating in internal conversations within my mind
is like a socket on the wall connected to a computer
the electricity running through the computer
and giving it power

compromising the body
taking from it
abusing it
through mind participation


Commitment to Correction


I commit myself to

when and as i see myself 
having internal conversation within my mind

about not liking moles or freckles in ones body

fearing being inferior
and projecting that to someone else
desiring to be superior by moving away 
from the perceived source of inferiority

I stop 

I breathe through the desire

I realize that this is me as the mind

taking pictures from the distant past
comparing that to my recent past  experience
of seeing DMC's mole on his back
connecting that to a negative energy experience 

justifying my excuse that i have to leave the relationship

because that is the way i can be whole
within balance in polarity
disliking something/someone that gives me a negative energy experience
then going somewhere out there to find the  man
that will give me a positive energy experience

not seeing and realizing that

real wholeness
does not need separation from the source

realizing that

i am part of the whole  - as all life

realizing that moles are a part of  me  - life

realizing that my body and DMC's body
comes from the same substance

the dust of the earth 

I commit myself to stabilize me as breath

develop an equal and one relationship with the body
and be here in every moment
as who i am, what i am and how i am
realizing the body is here to express itself
supporting  the being to express self here

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