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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Self Awareness Day 199 SF

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The Word 'Awareness'

In this blog, i will write self-forgiveness statements for,  somehow splitting my self-awareness from the physical body equal and one living into various characters/personalities in the mind,   and write commitment statements  to correct myself breath by breath, moment by moment in my physical living application.


I forgive myself that i  have accepted and allowed myself 

to somehow split my self-awareness 

from the physical body equal and one living 

into various personalities in the mind - the 'good' and 'evil'

where i think 'positive/good and negative/evil thoughts'

imagine  'positive/good and negative/evil' pictures

react in a 'positive/good and a negative/evil way' 

have 'positive/good and negative/evil' backchats/internal conversations about ourselves and others
behave in a 'positive/good or negative/evil' way 

where every moment we  experience a negative thought 

desire a positive experience

 we create a friction

which we transform into energy (positive and negative polarity / energy / self-definitions/good and bad)

of  'good and bad/evil'

that imprints into our  substance

as the smaller bubble

which resonates throughout the substance 

as the larger bubble

where we did not see 

we are creating ourselves 'within and without'

because we are within our mind

separate from the physical/substance as who we are 

where it is all happening 

preoccupied within only our small bubble 

as ourselves

Commitment to Correct Myself

I commit myself to when and as i see myself splitting my self awareness from the physical body equal and one living into various personalities in the mind - the 'good and evil' - 

thinking positive/good or negative/evil thoughts

imagine  'positive/good and negative/evil' pictures

react in a 'positive/good and a negative/evil way' 

have 'positive/good and negative/evil' backchats/internal conversations about ourselves and others

behave in a 'positive/good or negative/evil' way

fearing the  negative/evil

desiring the positive

creating friction/conflict in my 'within' - as the small bubble

and manifesting consequence in my 'without' as the bigger bubble

transforming physicality/substance into energy for the mind to exist



I realized that this is not what is best for all because this is me alone within my mind - in an alternate reality where i am an alternate version of me - separate from all here - where i think, fear, react, desire etc. - separate from who i really am as the physical/substance/body - and realising that i have to do some self-introspection and look at :

How i created myself into different characters/personalities

How the mind actually functions

What is the consequence of living as an individual separate from all life -within self-interest - always trying to win - in my 'within' and 'without'?

'... Self Honesty is the Realisation, that: You cannot be More than what you Really are. And, if you do not Really Understand the Actual Creation of Basic Thought, of How the Mind Actually Functions – and you are just Trapped as the End-Result of the System of the Mind: NOTHING you in ANY WAY conceive can EVER be Trusted. You should Get this, because this is Important if you are EVER to be Born as Life from the Physical. ' Creations Journey To Life


I commit myself to through writing, self-forgiveness and self corrective application, assist myself to see how i created who i have become - looking at my thoughts, imaginations, backchats or internal conversations, behaviours - as a way of taking self-responsibility - to stop and delete the memories of every character i activate/play out within my mind  -  and delete the memories as pictures, as desires etc. within/as myself and let go of the separation within/as myself and stand with the physical in every breath, moment by moment to birth me here in an equal and one living with all that is here as Life


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