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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Living My Utmost Potential 14: What Is A Craving?

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I was sharing my story of change to the audience here which is sharing what i found out about what a craving is. I did not have any prepared speech. I just stood there and talked about whatever comes up.

As his is also a moment to moment walking, I am sharing the points I saw in my talk here through looking at my mind or thought pattern - to assist others.

                                           'Why Is The Sound of My Voice Different'?  Mind Pattern

>there is something wrong with the sound of my voice 
>It has a higher pitch than normal
>my voice tonality  is not my normal pitch 
>I normally get into this pitch when I am reacting to what someone said? 
> the tone of my mom's voice when she talks a lot sounds like this
>I do not like it when she talks at that tone
>I found it irritating in my ears

Here in this mind pattern, there is fear that the sound of my voice is different - which i believed was having a higher pitch than normal. I associated  my definition of a normal voice pitch to a certain vocal tone (that of a polished speaker that I saw in the media - like presidents and leaders of community groups) that I defined as better than a high pitched voice which i did through association. I associated the high pitched vocal tone with the voice of my mom when she was talking lengthily which irritated me - which is a projection of my own judgment of the tone of my voice when I react to what was being said by another who I am in communication with .


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