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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, December 29, 2014

Living My Utmost Potential 13: What is Health?

I wanted to communicate here what I found out about the word 'Health'. I initially believed that 'Health' means 'absence of disease'. So, I tried to evolve myself in my mind as someone who is following a 'healthy diet', without realizing that my starting point was 'fear of disease' and in my 'eating healthy', I was not seeing 'health' as what it is. In my redefinition, 'Health' is the alignment of physical, mental and social well-being of man to what is mutually beneficial to all. I communicated this change in my redefinition and my story of how I changed to the audience. 

As this is a moment by moment walking, I saw a mind pattern here that I want to correct in the next coming blogs and share with others. I did not prepare for the talk yet said yes when asked, so I was thinking of the possible subjects to talk about in my mind before the talk.

I Don't Know What To Talk About' Mind Pattern:
>I did not know I am going to talk
>I want to push myself to talk
>but I do not have the outline of the talk
>If I have the outline I can work from that
>but I don't
>this is scary
>why did I say yes
>Maybe I should not have said yes

What I saw In This Mind Pattern:
There's fear of not knowing what to talk about. I am pushing myself to talk - which is a form of manipulation. Then, acting out my fear. There's also fear that I do not have the outline of my talk and fear of speaking in the moment. There's a belief that I can only talk if I have an outline. There's a belief that I will be scared if I speak without an outline. There's self-blame for saying yes to speak without an outline. There's doubt that I can pull it together.

Self-forgiveness and Self-Correction

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