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Monday, March 7, 2016

2 Redefining The word 'Team': Meaning and Phonetics

Redefining The Word 'Team' Part 1
Redefining The Word 'Team' Part 2
Redefining The Word 'Team' Part 3
Redefining The Word 'Team' Part 4

Looking at the definition of the word 'Team' from the Dictionary to see if i can relate to how it was used:

a number of persons forming one of the sides in a game or contest:

a number of persons associated in some joint action:

two or more horses, oxen, or other animals harnessed together todraw a vehicle, plow, or the like.
one or more draft animals together with the harness and vehicledrawn.
a family of young animals, especially ducks or pigs.
Obsolete. offspring or progeny; lineage or stock.
to join together in a team.
Chiefly Northern U.S. Older Use. to convey or transport by means of ateam; haul.
to drive a team.
to gather or join in a team, a band, or a cooperative effort (usuallyfollowed by up, together, etc.).
of, relating to, or performed by a team:


How I Defined The Word 'Team' Within Its Sound


1. When I am in a team someone will give me tea
2. The tea is equal to who i am 

1. When I am in a team, someone will eat with me and I will have company and it will be a pleasurable experience.

2. I am equal to the food I eat as plants and animals etc. - as they are here with humans walking this one life as a team - supporting the body to get the nutrition it needs for what is mutually beneficial for all.

meat (backwards, with the e and a interchanged)
1. The team will have meat for me to eat so i will get pleasure from it.

2. The meat of humans, animals, plants etc. comes from the dust of the earth and to dust it will return - equal and one.

1. The team mates through interaction with each other and decide on goals, plans that is buried within structure that is limited - predicts the future in the present and restricts access to doorways where all can benefit within a preconceived idea of what a team should be and what a leader should be - within self-interest - unaware of who and what they are and why they are in the team and behaving the way they do - believing they are aware within a limited idea of who, what and why they are there - so compromise the existence of the group and limits its expansion.

2. The members of the team mate - meaning they interact with each other - the starting point being what is best for all life - walks moment by moment, walking into or out of structure when needed, cross-referencing with each other, where their words and actions speak of who, what and why they are - spotting problems and correcting as they walk - opening doorways for everyone to grow and expand to their utmost potential.

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