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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Happy B-day Team Life Member!

Happy b-day my friend
thank you for belonging 
to the same team

A team that is not 
based on differences
but in who we are as beings

Team Life 
is that one team
where all belong together

We sing the same song
of equality 
we blog and vlog
not for money

But for oneness and equality

You supported me in many ways
your patience and cross-reference
is appreciated

In gratitude
to the dust of the earth
I thank you for being here

This is my greeting for this day
that is our moment by moment walking
as a member of
this one team 

You may look different
with a different colored skin
or you may look the same 
with the same color of skin

but I can relate to who you are
as who I am is here

The path is thorny
but we remain
always correcting ourselves

Sometimes we have fun chatting
sometimes we have 
different perspectives
but i am grateful to the dust 
of the earth

For equally sharing
life in so many ways

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