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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Redefining The Word 'Health' Part 4

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Health can mean healing oneself of a disease. It can mean stopping pain. For some it can be an obsession. 

It became an obsession for me. 

I was trying to suppress myself from expressing the bad, the negative and the ugly. I was told to only talk about the good and the positive at home and in school. So, in my written and spoken expression, i did not talk about the negative and the ugly. I talked about how we can all be 'healthy'. 

In essence, here's what i was doing - I evolved myself within 'health' so i will not face the following facts of life:
1. That there is suffering and pain around me - which I witnessed in the 3rd world country where i grew up and being a part of life, I can be part of the solution.
2. That everything is not okay and that we have to do something about it - learn how to change ourselves and eventually change the world.
3. That i cannot not face the negative and the ugly - i have to face it one day. So it will be faced now. I have to look at the problems and device a solution so that we can manifest it for real. 

Health is not absence of disease as we see it now where you have to meet a certain standard according to a status quo.

I found out health is not the 'absence of disease' but we can use diseases as a reference point so we can bring that point of imbalance to balance and wholeness. 

I realized that when i defined health as 'absence of disease', and lived this definition, I tried to exclude 'who I am as the mind' in the picture - within fear of disease. This was what drove me to my health obsession. It is important to look at who I have become as the mind, understand it and walk through it.

I also realized that physical health goes hand-in-hand with food and nourishment. Without food production, our health will be compromised, so a balanced environmental ecosystem and money ecosystem should also be part of any health discussion.

It is about who we are as the being in relation to the mind and the body. 

It is releasing limiting mind patterns that causes resonant stress that compromises the body, where the mind uses physical energy - like a computer plugged to the wall,  using electricity - for it to function. 

It is also about understanding social systems, the education ecosystem, the anatomical ecosystem, the chemical ecosystem, the money ecosystem, relationship ecosystems etc. and who, how, when, what, where, and why we are - as self, and what we stand for and the effect of that stand to all life. 

It is about changing that which does not assist all life to that which will be best for all life so we can have a balanced ecosystem - within and without, based on wholeness.


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