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Friday, March 25, 2016

Education And Health

Education & Health

Some Quotes (others corrected by me) from the video:

'There are so many subjects in school that i cannot relate to in terms of, ‘how can i apply this in my life?’ Of course there are some subjects that I can apply in my life, but how can i digest that when i have no basis to even look at 'who I am'? That’s the first - which is the start of every knowledge in this world. I have to make sense of who i am’.'

'Why is this not being given in school?'

'In the Psychology curriculum for example, we should have a subject on commonsense of ‘who I am’ here' .

'It's normally about what other people thought about in the past & what people wrote about that - that constitutes our knowledge and information'.

'With that salary you are getting - well in the Philippines, they are getting very low salary - it will stop you from looking and changing the system. My advise is not to let that stop you'

'For those teachers who receive small salary, what if you are being given a basic or living income, where for example you are being given $3000 a month and everyone else is receiving that, on top of that you can still teach (plus you are being paid for teaching, on top of the living income you receive every month), will that salary be low?'

Our value as humans is equal to the value of life. Who can top that? You can't top that. That is exactly who you are.

We are a part of that life that - that one life that we live here.

'Quoting this little bit of information from someone who you perceive as someone who's gonna change the system. No.'

'We can change the system from the roots. First we have to work with 'The Primary Principle of Life' - What Is Best For All Of Us.'

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