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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Redefining the Word 'TEAM' Part 1 Introduction

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What will be the benefit for all of us if we work in unison for that which is what is best for all of us?

Birthing ourselves here as physical beings assisting each other for what is best for all of us.

It will be the solution that we always wanted to give ourselves.

So, when I selected a word to redefine in the group, I chose the word 'Team'. 
Later on I will redefine the word 'Life' as I am working on the word 'Team Life'.

How did I experience this word 'Team'?

I worked with different teams in my life. My experience in a team environment was that we were a team trying to surpass other teams. In essence, the underlying goal we had was to outdo the other - or compete with them to win.

As the individuals within the group, we also  competed among other individuals as if our value as a person depended on it. 

I saw myself having thoughts about how our team can win over the other team and how we can get the reward. 

I felt superior to the other members when I win the competition. When I didn't win, or when I lost, I felt like I lost a part of me or my value as a person who had depreciated.

This was not something that supported me in my life because I was really creating stress within me - where one moment I was up and another moment I was down.

There was also no concern about what will benefit all. 
Rather, my choices were either motivated by my lack of popularity within the group or my circle of supporters within the group. This defined me rather than me standing as the redefined word 'Team'.

I did not speak up to be heard. I suppressed myself from talking. I was not clear in what I stood as, so I did not have a stand that will benefit all. It was about how I can benefit and how others perceive me and what i think compared to what they think.

I recognized the desire to succeed and to win being the underlying motivation for what I was doing - basically to survive as an employee and as a member of the team

I was in coping mode so I was fueling the machine of this world - set up for me/others to win and me/others to lose. So, when I won within the system, I was really winning in a system that is rigged to fail because it does not support what is best for all life.

It was more of the structure that I defined within my mind that i considered as best for me rather than working as who i really am - as that being in relation to everyone else - who are parts of that one life that I am a part of.

This is the reason why I am looking at this word - to redefine it so i can live this word as the corrected version of the word - as me


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