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Friday, May 17, 2013

'Having Sex' Day 292 "I Do Not Love Him': DMC


Topic: The Dimensions of the Mind
Re: Sex

I am looking at the following dimensions of the mind:
Behavior Dimension

In this blog i am laying down what i will be working on.

In the coming blogs, I will do self-forgiveness for
accepting and allowing myself to be directed
by the mind rather than being self-directive here as who i am.

The Dimensions of The Mind

What i will be working on in the coming blogs:

Fear: the base platform of the mind
Fear of not having a good sex life

The Conscious Mind:
Design of the Conscious Mind

Thought: picture of having sex with DMC
Imagination: 'not enjoying having sex with someone i am not attracted to physically'

The Subconscious Mind: 
Design of the Subconscious Mind

1.'I do not like him because his body is thin'
2. 'I do not like the moles in his back'
3.'he does not make me feel happy'
4.'he's stingy and that means he does not really love me
5. 'he's not good in bed, so it is a mismatch'
6.'but he always take me to his guest house, he said he loves me, he did yoga because i am doing yoga, very entertaining, introduced me to his mom and  teaches me to draw aboriginal paintings, made this big canvas for us to draw into which no man did for me in the past'
7. 'I do not love him, I am not attracted to him'
8. 'he does not have that naughty look

faking it, feeling of loss

The Unconscious Mind:
Design of the Unconscious Mind

Body Movement: 
withdrawing touch, smiles halfway



The QuantumMind
The Quantum Physical

The Real Physical

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