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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Redefining The Word Survival Day 296 Inequality to Equality

The Word 'Survival'

SUR-face or wanting to go above everyone VI-e-ng to have  VAL -ue

At the moment survival is about remaining alive in a world of inequality where we have a contest to have a value the same as everyone else in a world of inequality. The value given to each of us is not equal to Life. Some has more value and some has less value  - where value is computed based on monetary value.

Animals and plants are not equally taken cared of and given food/sustenance for them to live.

I am redefining the word survival to give it a meaning equal to my expression as a human equal to all that is birthed here.


Redefining the Word Survival

Remaining alive

where all live Life recognizing that each has a value equal to life
by virtue of the fact that - we are all birthed here, and that we all come from the same substance, dust, water and clay

where all resources which are given free for everyone  by nature is accessed by all equally for what is best for all

where all have a house they can call their own, clean water to drink, food to assist the body and education about how things work which we can use for what will benefit all

where animals and plants are given the basic necessities for them to live.

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