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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Solution To An Unhappy Sex Life Day 294 DMC Sex Thoughts

This is a Continuation of This Blog


In this blog i will be working with the Thought Dimension
(highlighted with the brown color)

In the next blogs, i will be working with the rest of the dimensions - imaginations, backchats, reactions etc.

Brief Outline:

Fear: the base platform of the mind
Fear of not having a good sex life

The Conscious Mind:
Design of the Conscious Mind

Thought: picture of having sex with DMC 
'not enjoying having sex with someone i am not attracted to physically, and assuring myself that this suffering will end.'

The Subconscious Mind: 
Design of the Subconscious Mind

1.'I do not like him because his body is thin'
2. 'I do not like the moles in his back'
3.'he does not make me feel happy'
4.'he's stingy and that means he does not really love me
5. 'he's not good in bed, so it is a mismatch'
6.'but he always take me to his guest house, he said he loves me, he did yoga because i am doing yoga, very entertaining, introduced me to his mom and  teaches me to draw aboriginal paintings, made this big canvas for us to draw into which no man did for me in the past'
7. 'I do not love him, I am not attracted to him'
8. 'he does not have that naughty look

faking it, feeling of loss

The Unconscious Mind:
Design of the Unconscious Mind

Body Movement: 
withdrawing touch, smiles halfway


Self-forgiveness Statements

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to 
participate in the design of - fear of survival - as energy

have the thought
or having a picture of me having sex with DMC
within my mind
being unhappy 

believing that this is me
as who i am as self
thinking these thoughts

relieving that negative energy experience of 
that event which happened in the past
in the present

instead of realizing this is me
as the mind
thinking these thoughts

where i am not aware of how i created 
these thoughts
not aware of how i created the mind 
not aware of the origin of theses thoughts 

not realizing that the body is being resourced 
for energy
for the mind to exist
through thinking these thoughts

fearing not having a good satisfying sex life
with DMC
fearing being unhappy with him
for the rest of my life
fearing that i will reduce my experience of life
to a negative energy experience
of pain and suffering

desiring to have a good sex life
believing that it is my right
to experiencing 
life to the fullest 
with DMC
believing that living life to the fullest mean 
i will live a life
of unendless happiness
having a happy sex life
with someone 
in a relationship

believing that my life with DMC is 
believing that i am living a controlled life
when i cannot express myself within physical interaction/or sex fully

where within this 
i am not aware that 
the body is resourced
when i think these  thoughts 
where natural energy is converted to 
unnatural energy

for the mind to think
for the mind to exist
for me to have a negative energy experience
as the 'unhappy me - as the personality
an alternate version of me 
within my mind
which i created'

not realizing that in thinking this thought
i am using energy
and that energy has to come from somewhere
and that somewhere 
is inside the body

It is being resourced from the body - the energy powerhouse

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to
think only of myself - within self-interest
when i get into relationships 
when i have sex with a partner
not caring about what happens to the physical body 
when i have these thoughts

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself 
to not realize that 
when i am thinking
i cannot see DMC
as who he really is
as my beingness is trapped
within my mind
evolving me as the personality
that desires good sex 

rather than being here as breath walking with 
my partner as myself
as an equal

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to not see
realize and understand that 
the desire comes from a fear
that the positive comes from a negative

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to 
not see that 
when the body is resourced 
when thinking thoughts
the body is weakening more

and as i desire to eat 'healthy food'
believing i am assisting my body
i am doing the opposite also

i am accepting and allowing the body to be malnourished
as natural energy from food
gets transformed to unnatural energy
forgetting the commonsense  that
its just a matter of time
before it manifests externally as a disease
slowly but surely as i participate in thinking thoughts
of unhappiness as well as bliss

i am resourcing the body for energy

so, stopping mind participation is the key

Self - Correction Script

I commit myself to when and as i see myself 
thinking thoughts 
of not having good  sex with someone
i am in a relationship with

I stop
I breathe

i realized this is me as the mind
fearing losing
seeing good sex as a prize 
i win for being with the right man
instead of realizing having physical interaction 
is a physical activity
that requires for me to be here
as the breath in every moment 
having an equal and one relationship with the body

having physical interaction with someone as me
who is my equal
walking with another as myself
as we birth ourselves as life
assisting each other
and calling each other out
when and as one participate in
thinking thoughts of being unhappy within sex
in fearing negative energy experiences
in desiring a positive energy experience

taking self- responsibility 
and correcting oneself 
in ones living participation

to through writing
self-forgiveness and self correction in 
ones living application
birth oneself 
as who one really is

enjoying the physical 
within physical interaction

as that primal scream of life

so one can assist oneself and another as self 
within a 'relationship'

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