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Friday, May 17, 2013

Solution To Fear of Not Having a Good Sex Life Day 293 Facing the Fear

This is a Continuation of This Blog


In this blog i will be working with FEAR 
(highlighted with the brown color)

In the next blogs, i will be working with the rest of the dimensions - thought, backchat etc.

Brief Outline:

Fear: the base platform of the mind
Fear of not having a good sex life

The Conscious Mind:
Design of the Conscious Mind

Thought: picture of having sex with DMC
Imagination: '
'not enjoying having sex with someone i am not attracted to physically, and assuring myself that this suffering will end.'

The Subconscious Mind: 
Design of the Subconscious Mind

1.'I do not like him because his body is thin'
2. 'I do not like the moles in his back'
3.'he does not make me feel happy'
4.'he's stingy and that means he does not really love me
5. 'he's not good in bed, so it is a mismatch'
6.'but he always take me to his guest house, he said he loves me, he did yoga because i am doing yoga, very entertaining, introduced me to his mom and  teaches me to draw aboriginal paintings, made this big canvas for us to draw into which no man did for me in the past'
7. 'I do not love him, I am not attracted to him'
8. 'he does not have that naughty look

faking it, feeling of loss

The Unconscious Mind:
Design of the Unconscious Mind

Body Movement: 
withdrawing touch, smiles halfway


Self-forgiveness Statements

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself 
to participate in the design of 
fear of survival - as sex - as energy

fear that i will not have a good sex life
fear that i will not have a positive energy experience

when i have sex with DMC

liking a man who has 
all the characteristics that i like
projecting this idea 
projecting this image to DMC

having a relationship of fear 
with not having good sex

where i do not see DMC
for who he really is 

seeing the alternate version of him
which i created in my mind

interpreting reality
and defining what i see 
according to
positive and negative values
i have given words

Not seeing and realizing that 
my body is composed of cells 
consisting of atoms

the same atoms
the body of DMC consist of


Self-Correction Script:

I commit myself to when and as i see myself 
fear not having good sex

I stop
I breathe

I realized this is me as the mind
having a relationship with fear
running away from what i fear
and desiring that which is the polarity opposite
of what i fear

fearing not having a good sex life
and desiring good sex 
within my mind

I assist myself to face my fear 
and develop and equal and one relationship with the body

to through writing, self-forgiveness and self correction
in my practical living
birth me here as who i really am

I commit myself to stabilize me as breath
and breathe through the fear
breathe through the desire
release the positive and the negative connection 
to other words, people, memories etc.
and birth me here as equal to all parts of me as life

redefine words 
and live the redefined meaning of these words

as i realize the definition i give words
is how i see myself, 
and this world


It is to realize that
when i participate in positive and negative energy experiences
i am in a state of instability
where i change 
from being sad 
when i do not get what i like
to happiness 
when i get what i like
and cycle through 
positive and negative energy experiences
all throughout my life
directed by the mind
instead of me being self-directive

so i assist myself to be self-directive

I assist myself to release the positive and negative values
i had given people, words etc.
and stabilize me as breathe here
expressing me as who i am
in 'relationships'/agreements

where instead of finding a man 
who fits
what i like within my mind

walk with someone as an equal
seeing him as me
assisting each other to birth self here

enrolling in a free course
to know oneself intimately
knowing what my thoughts are
what my emotions and feelings are
and how to forgive myself and correct myself 
so when i am walking with another as me
i can assist effectively

see the body/physical 
as what it is
and enjoy my expression 
within physical interaction
as the breathe here

staying with the pulse of my heart
until i become the pulse of life

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