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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pictures and Videos Day 289 Anger: Self Correction

Why do self-forgiveness?
This is   a Continuation of This Bllog:


Commitment to Correct Myself

I commit myself to when and as i see myself
fear not having recorded data, 
fear not having photos and videos
to remember
information and knowledge given by others
or remember my picture presentation
and my behavior that is the result of mind manipulation
stored in cameras, video cams, cell phones and computers
I stop
I breathe
I realize that this is me as the mind 
separating myself from what is here
desiring to use photos and videos
to remember positive energy experiences as memories

believing that information and knowledge 

are separate from me
that will be lost if i do not capture it in pictures 
using cameras and videos

believing that who i am 

is a picture presentation

believing that who i am 

is equal to body movements i make
which are manipulated by the mind
that are captured in video cams

instead of realizing 

i am here as breath in every moment
expressing me as who i am
within/as self-remembrance
not defined by picture presentations
mind manipulated behaviors
and not defined by
positive and negative energy experiences

I assist myself to  see

that visual cameras and video cameras are equal to who i am
as they consist of atoms all consist of
and that they are here 
for me to use within my process
of self-perfection

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