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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Expanding the Definition of The Word 'Death'


Self-forgiveness For Mental Health: Fear of Heart Pains

Word Web
The event of dying or departure from life

Expanding The Definition of Death
Death had been given a negative value and Life a positive value based from a subjective view of reality here
where the experience of death was attached to an experience of the death of ones personality - an alternate version of oneself in ones mind, experiencing life separate from parts of oneself as all parts of the whole - that is Life. 

Within this separation from objective reality, Life was defined within ones 'mind experience' of oneself -  that was perceived within a point separate from the whole and the events in ones life as separate activities that defines ones life - as the personality. 

The absence of the form designated to be part of the identity of the personality and those activities performed by the personality that one perceive as characteristic behavior of that personality is then called death - of the personality.

What is being missed here is that when we bring ourselves back to physical reality, we can see that who we really are - is the breath within the body, and so we remain.

D-epart from the EA-r-TH as the personality within our mind
D-evolve to who one is as the EA-r-TH

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