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Monday, May 12, 2014

Expanding The Definition of The Word 'Disease'


Self-forgiveness For Mental Health: Fear of Heart Pains

Word Web:
an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning

Expanding the Word 'Disease'
an impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning

The body is communicating a physical, mental and/or social stress  or imbalance that needs to be addressed physically, mentally and socially - where the origin is traced, forgiven and corrected to holistically be brought back to balance.

Abnormal functioning here had been given a negative value and normal functioning had been given a positive value which is a mind polarity equation that is based from a subjective view of reality rather than an objective, real assessment of what dis-ease is within the context of the whole - that is life taking into consideration that the body is part of the whole as well as the bacteria and viruses and therefore equal to Life.

In my journey here on earth, being a 'cancer survivor', I have seen and can definitely say disease
is a gift. During that time i was able to stop and breath - and look at the physical, mental and social imbalance that i am in. This is the point where I looked at what caused the disease, investigated the physical, psychological and social origin of the imbalance/dis-ease,  identifying the fears - as fear of death and disease - identifying problems that paved the way for a solution - forgiveness and correction to essentially un-create that which i created that cause the imbalance, realizing i am the creator and the created.

The bacteria and viruses are part of the whole - that is life. It is here to assist us see the problem so we can provide a solution that is best for all life.

DIS-EASE within internal and external ecological system due to separation of parts from the whole - that is Life
DIS-seminate EASE in all internal and external ecological systems within balance and wholeness of its parts

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