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Monday, April 28, 2014

Word Log: Expanding The Word 'Eyes': 042814

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'The definition we give words, is how we see ourselves, others and this world' - SS

The Word 'Eyes'

From the Word Web
The organ of sight

Expanding The Meaning of The Word, 'Eyes'

An organ we use for visual perception where the person, object, symbol, word, picture etc. that is being perceived is seen as what it is by the one perceiving reality.

We normally interpret reality in our mind. We see what we see in our minds. We then communicate that to others rather than see reality as what it is. This is how we compromise our self-honesty.

We can bring ourselves back here and remain here in physical reality rather than shift in alternate realities within our mind.

When we interpret things within our mind we tend to inflate or deflate them for our own selfish reasons
We do not realize that as we see a person for example, and look at their behavior and words, we judge their words and behavior as positive or negative according to how we see ourselves and the words we speak. We project our own perception of ourselves to others.  

What we do not realize is that the words we speak was defined by others. It is normally filled with emotional and feeling energy given by the people who used them. That is why we have to redefine or expand words  and give a definition to words, that is aligned to our story of how we walk the walk we talk so we can live the words we speak and write as ourselves.

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