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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Word Log: Expanding The Word 'Business' : 042614

From the Word Web

The Word 'Business'
The activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects

Expanding The Meaning of The Word 'Business'
The activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects.

Providing goods and services is an activity that involves physical movement that becomes our behavior. The behavior is directed by the mind most of the time as we try to survive in a world of competition. So, we have to look at how we can act in a way that we are present in every moment when we do something so we can be sure we are the one directing our behavior in the workplace.

We can consider looking at who we are within what we do.

We are the breath within this body, so it is commonsensical to rather than be directed by the mind (as fears, anger, anxiety etc.) while conducting business, we stop and breathe when and as we see ourselves going into stress.

The mind uses electrical impulses to carry out its functions. Mental energy is resourced from the body and while we give our body energy from the food we eat, which comes from the earth, to function and survive, we also take energy from it through thinking, reacting etc. We do this throughout the day while doing our jobs.

If we take energy from our body most of the time, it can lead to dis-ease. So, we can minimize creating stress for the body by releasing fears or 'stress generating' words and phrases using tools that work like self-forgiveness and clearing the meaning of words we speak and write.

It is supportive to be aware of and be self-directive in our actions to align it to what will benefit the organization and everyone that will be affected by our decisions.

Our products and services can help in creating awareness to what is going on in our body and this world. We can point out problems and provide a solution that can improve people's awareness of themselves and their environment and through this awareness look at the problems and provide a solution.

This translates to money for the business because as we give, we receive also.

Since the earth provides raw materials to support all of us to survive here on earth, it will help us all to align to the expression of the earth and assist in creating a world where there's guaranteed  survival for all through supporting organizations that does this in conjunction with earning profit for our business to survive as an organization.

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