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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Word Log: The Word 'Earth' : 042314


I was surfing the internet when i saw this which gives rise to this blog:

Earth Day run photo goes viral, creates online uproar over strewn paper cups

The Word 'Earth'

From : Word Web

The 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on

I would like to expand the definition of the word 'earth' in this blog:

The word 'earth

The planet we live on.

This planet we live on is here before we were born and it has given all of us equal access to the resources coming from it.

We have to look at a way to align our expression to its expression - to give all equally a means to get the basic necessities we need.

Upon getting our share from these resources the earth provide, we have to find a way to support its upkeep.

It is easy to look at the earth from a subjective view of reality and create a place somewhere out there in our mind - a 'perfect' place to go in the future hoping that one day this will happen, but we are here on earth so what is presented before us is objective reality.  It is commonsensical to see what the problem is and provide a solution. 

 It will benefit all of us to have a sustainable ecosystem. 

To do that, we have to be responsible for the trash we create individually and where they are going, because eventually, they are going to the water, which will be eaten by the marine animals and plants which will eventually come back to our table.

We affect each other because we are all birthed here on earth interacting with each other.

Let's stand for that which will benefit all of us.

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