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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Friday, April 20, 2012

2012: Raw Food, Communication and Backchat Day 6

The next day when we arrived in Los Angeles, i saw the bag where we put the raw food while we were inside the airplane -on the table, so i asked LP, "Did you put the rawfood inside the refrigerator"? He moved his head left and right and said "that's why i did not put it inside the refrigerator". So, i asked him again the same question. He repeated the same answer. I asked him the same question the third time and then he said : i told you already,"no". So, i pointed out that he did not say "no".

While correcting him, i saw my hand gestures and how i used these to emphasize the points i was talking to him about, and i saw that what i was really saying is this, "if this is not raw, this will be spoiled by now". When i told him this, he said he had a thought while talking to me, "that can't be spoiled because that's rawfood."
These are backchats. In this blog i am directing this  point of correcting LP while i myself participate in backchats -which are conversations inside our mind - and using hand gestures to express judgment. I am using self-forgiveness and self-correction.


I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself  to use my hand gestures to express judgment to LP as i see myself less than me because he did not put the rawfoods inside the refrigerator - and me more than him.
When and as i see myself using my hands to express judgment - and see LP as less than me because he did not put the raw foods inside the refrigerator - i stop - i breathe. I realise that i can see his points but i am oblivious to mine. I stop participating because this is not what is best for me and not what is best for all - because i will be supporting personality systems in this world based on using hands/body movements to express judgment.

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