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Tao of Food Preparation Recipes
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Monday, April 16, 2012

2012: Raw Food: Wondering if C.B. Liked It: April 16, 2012: Day 3 Part 2

I finished the raw food that C.B. ordered this morning at about 9:30 AM. I hardly slept last night. It was about 9:30AM when his personal assistant picked it up. I was resting on the sofa when i saw myself having a faint thought wondering if CB liked it.

This thought - i pictured in my mind - as if it was real - when it isn't because it has no real physical existence. I will direct this thought here using self-forgiveness and i will write a script which is what i will refer to in this blog as the self corrective statement, so that i know what to do when and as this happens again.

I forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself as less than who i am and C.B as more than who i am - within wanting to be more than myself as i wonder if he likes the raw food preparation i did for him - as i identify as the ego-personality - defined by likes and dislikes - supporting the personality systems of this world based on likes and dislikes.

Self-corrective statement:
When and a as i see myself wondering if CB liked the raw food preparation i did for him - i stop - i breathe. I realize this gives me a false sense of identity as the ego-personality seeing myself as less than CB and wanting to be more than myself - when i as the ego-personality is an illusion. I stop participating because this is not what is best for me because i will give life to the personality . This is not what is best for all.because i will be sabotaging my own process of stopping the mind.

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