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Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012; Redefining Veganism Part 30 Day 69

Vegan Enchilada

Redefining Veganism
According to Wikipedia, Veganism is:
Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. Ethical vegans reject the commodity status of animals and the use of animal products for any purpose, while dietary vegans (or strict vegetarians) eliminate them from their diet only. Another form, environmental veganism, rejects the use of animal products on the premise that the industrial practice is environmentally damaging and unsustainable.[1]

Redefining Veganism
(V E G-etable Eating A-gainst a-NImal killing  as an i-S M)
The practice of avoiding the use of animal products – removes honey and milk from the diet – to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains- as a philosophy or a way of life as one identifies as the ego/personality/character – perceiving oneself separate from all that exist –  decides from the basis of what is good or bad based on ones positive, neutral or negative experiences of this world – a world that is based on inequality – where animals and plants are killed for food and profit- existing in an unequal monetary system

Realizes through the process of self-perfection – that one is equal to all that exist – as all are made of the same substance all are made of  - practice abstaining from the use of animal products including honey and milk  to assist the body’s preference for this kind of food – until we stop mind participation where we stop transforming substance to energy and stop abusing the body.

Sees the commonsense, 'as within, so without', assists in establishing a world based on equality - where  selling animals and plants for food and profit stops – and where animals, humans, plants etc. live as equal in a world that truly honors life


' What is clear about words that are defined within and as self as polarized words, are that they are reactive in nature. Meaning when carrying a negatively or positively charged word within and as self, this polarity charged word will ‘react’ within its environment seeking out designs of ‘homeostasis’ or ‘winning’. The consequential outflows of negatively and positively charged words are predetermined in that they follow a specific pre-programmed path.

It is thus common sense to realize that, what we place as definitions within and as ourselves is what we manifest within the expression of ourselves. This is why we redefine words; to find the living expression evident in each word from the principle of oneness and equality. As we look at a word we are moving ourselves through the word to see what it represents and what it stands for as a living expression. By assigning a definition to the word we are developing our vocabulary by placing within the definitions, living definitions that stand free from polarity which are able to stand as living expressions of the words that we have redefined.'

 ~ Taken from Earth's Journey to Life Blog.

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